Be cautious and slow down as high winds and cold temperatures post go concerns across the state earlier next week.

Kentuckians are advised to drive carefully because there may be travel risks due to projected higher winds. Traveling conditions may change this weekend into early next week due to rain, potential snow, and a predicted drop in temperature.
It is advised for Kentuckians to maintain weather awareness and stable free items on vehicles. State bridge crews are ready to assist in clearing blocked roads of wreckage caused by downed trees and to address dangerous road conditions brought on by winter weather.
” We may take proactive action to keep ourselves and our communities safe. This includes protecting our houses by protecting outdoor things and removing any loose items. Become aware of the risks of strong winds while driving, and if at all possible, be inside. Mr. Andy Beshear.
According to the National Weather Service ( NWS), Kentucky will experience several significant storm systems starting today and lasting through the weekend, bringing the anticipated sub-zero temperatures the following week. Great winds are anticipated nowadays, with some areas experiencing speeds of up to 60 mph.
Solid wind gusts are more likely to move cars in high-profile vehicles like SUVs, cars, vans and hauling trailers. As a result, it is advised that they exercise extra precaution by slowing down and keeping both hands on the steering wheel.
Southwest Kentucky is expected to receive 1 to 2 feet, which may cause some flood problems. In some areas, pool on roads is also a possibility.
More than 2, 000 state snowfighters and support personnel have finished readiness checks, training, and equipment maintenance to respond when the weather changes, putting Kentucky Transportation Cabinet ( KYTC ) crews on high alert. On Kentucky’s 28, 000 km of state-maintained roads, more than 1, 400 state owned and contracted tractor cars are ready for implementation before, during, and after autumn weather situations.
Transportation Sec. will continue reduction work. Gray authorized the quickest response time from companies delivering supplies to affected areas by signing an established order on Friday night.
According to KYTC Secretary Jim Gray, persistently cold temperatures can cause road humidity to thaw and stay frozen. ” Individuals are advised to proceed cautiously on the streets and keep in mind that bridge freeze before roads.” Keep an emergency car kit on hand so you can be hot if the unexpected happens while it’s extremely cold outside.
Take a look at the goky. Before you travel, check the traffic conditions on the ky .gov map. Exposure to specific customers cameras on highways and parkways is also available on the map.
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Visit alerts to receive real-time improvements on Kentucky watches, instructions, or recommendations. wind. Gov.
Driving advice for powerful winds:
Maintain your hands on the steering wheel at all times.
Delayed down, please.
Keep a healthy range from other cars, especially high-profile ones like semi trucks or guests that could be pushed out of their street by winds.
• Keep an eye out for flying particles that could blow into the road.
Move onto the shoulder to avoid falling trees or other large objects, turn on your hazard lights, and wait until the weather improves if the winds are very strong to generate safely.
When you notice a broken power line, what should you do?
• Inform your neighborhood energy company of the situation.
Avoid attempting to resolve it yourself.
• Stay away from anything that might touch broken outlines, such as cars or tree branches.
View the report on the national weather below.
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