Belfast City Airport: UK’s Most Punctual Airport Launches New Aspire Lounge

Belfast City Airport recently revealed its upgraded Aspire Lounge, following a £1.2 million investment. The renovated lounge, which reopened in the summer, can now accommodate 178 passengers, marking a 70% increase in capacity. The unveiling event saw the presence of representatives from prominent business organizations in Northern Ireland and key figures in the aviation industry.

After being recognized as the UK’s most punctual airport in the first half of 2023, Belfast City Airport is expanding its route offerings. The airport will now include Reus, Venice, and Barcelona in its charter portfolio, aiming to serve more destinations than ever before.

The Aspire Lounge at Belfast City Airport draws inspiration from the best aspects of Northern Ireland, featuring sound-proof booths, private seating areas, and charging stations throughout. Graham Allen, Head of Aspire Lounges UK and Ireland, expressed excitement about the formal launch of the newest Aspire lounge in the global network. He emphasized that the lounge showcases the Aspire brand and reflects the rich culture of Belfast and beyond. Allen highlighted Aspire’s position as the largest airport lounge brand in the UK and Europe, addressing the growing demand for airport lounges.

The partnership with Belfast City Airport represents a luxurious £1.2 million development, aligning with the brand’s commitment to delivering “The Perfect Start” for today’s travelers.

Boasting 34 years of airport hospitality expertise, the Aspire Lounge at Belfast City Airport provides a welcoming, relaxing, and energizing experience for business travelers, families, and individuals before their flights. The lounge, with a recognizable Aspire ambiance and a distinct sense of place, offers improved food and beverage choices, purpose-built booths for work, and relaxing areas with views of the airfield and the iconic Belfast Harbour skyline.

Access to the Aspire Lounge is available for booking, starting at £36.99.

SOURCE: Belfast City Airport: UK’s Most Punctual Airport Launches New Aspire Lounge