Best Things to Do in Zaragoza, the Capital of Aragon

One of our favourite cities in Spain is Zaragoza. We live in Barcelona and go it regularly. We have plenty of maño companions. That’s what Spanish call persons from Zaragoza. The town is significantly smaller than Valencia, Madrid, and Seville. Nevertheless, it’s packed with historical architecture, character, museums, restaurants, and amazing hosts. We’ll appreciate it as much as we do!
Additionally, Zaragoza is the ideal location to center yourself and explore the different stunning sights in the Aragon Province. Our top ten area activities are listed below.
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Find yourself lost in the Old Town’s roads.
One of Europe’s largest kingdoms was the Aragon. Barcelona was included in the expansion, expanding all the way to Greece. That’s why its Old Town is so great and wonderful.
In reality, it’s one of the largest in Europe. The place within the walls constructed in the third millennium is being discussed. Its streets are so walkable that you can spend time there.
You will see imperial remains, medieval buildings, large temples, Egyptian architecture, Hebrew settlements, and renaissance palaces. Rest in one of the luscious snacks restaurants that dotted the city’s streets if you’re hungry or thirsty.
Visit Our Lady of the Pillars Cathedral Basilica
One of the most significant Christian churches is the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Foundation. It’s the first temple dedicated to the Virgin. The church is beautiful.
The church has layer upon layer of story. It can be traced back to the 13th Century. But, most of what we can see now is from the 17th Century.
You need to make the time to go to the chapel because it’s quite large. There are painting by Goya in. We firmly advise visiting the church at night as well. It appears fantastic when thoroughly lit over the valley. Do n’t forget to climb to the roof, the views are unforgettable!
Explore the Museo del Teatro de Caesaraugusta
Zaragoza was a significant capital during the Roman era. That’s why it has quite a huge Theater. The second decade is where the Caesaraugusta was located. It lay hidden under the town until 1973, when it was uncovered.
Now, it’s an open air exhibition. The 4-museum seat is inexpensive, at only 7 dollars. It includes all of the Roman Heritage: the Theater, the Port Museum, the Forum, and the Infrared Museum.
Our favourite is the Theater. It’s got loads of information in English. Attend at nights also to see it illuminated. We usually have a bit in the museum’s shop.
Explore the Aragon Mudejar Churches.
As you probably know, most of Spain was under Muslim law during 500 years. They created magnificent architecture by fusing both Christian and Muslim elements to create a distinctive style.
San Pablo and the Cathedral of the Savior of Zaragoza are both UNESCO listed places. The Cathedral dates up to the 12th Century. Go inside and prepared to become dazzled.
We recommend visiting two different parishes. Mudejar and classical architecture are combined in the San Gil Abad Church. One of the prettiest bell towers in Spain is located at the Santa Maria Magdalena Church from the 14th century.
Visit a Museum or Two
Zaragoza is known for having one of the most well-known designers in the world. Francisco de Goya is the subject of discussion. The Goya Museum is located in a magnificent Renaissance castle. It exhibits his drawings and pictures.
The ancient Sitios Square is ruled over by the Zaragoza Museum. The largest museum in the city is located in the 1908-era tower. It’s got imperial objects, fabric, paintings and shades of art.
The IAACC Pablo Serrano combines the fresh with the outdated. A factory from the 1900s was replaced by the dramatic contemporary building. The inside of the series includes contemporary Spanish and international designers.
Visit the Impressive Aljafería Palace
The Aljafería Palace is so beautiful, that UNESCO included in its Record of Heritage Sites. The castle is great! The Old Town is accessible by a 20-minute move.
In the eleventh century, the Banu Hud monarchy built their home. The Aragon Kings stayed there until next. In the 16th century, it transformed into a Renaissance stronghold.
Now, it houses the Regional Parliament. We strongly advise purchasing the ticket internet. You have to see the castle from both the outside and inside because it is enormous.
Spend Some Time in the Expo Area
Not everything is outdated in Zaragoza. The town hosted the 2008 World Expo. You can cycle or walk around the building today and admire the stunning modern architecture.
The center is only 40 minutes ‘ walk away from the cross-river. We frequently lease bicycles and wander the substance for hours.
Search for the wooden Hispanic palace. The large Water Tower and the Zaha Hadid-designed Bridge Pavilion are the two most significant structures. Europe’s largest ocean is ok too.
Have a cup of dessert with hot chocolates in a former cafe?
Aladrén used to be Zaragoza’s most lovely store. The Jewlery Shop started business in 1885 and has remained so for a long time. The landlord used Hungarian architects and artists to create an ultra-luxurious store.
The shop closed in 2020, and a precise and thorough restoration took about a year. It opened as the Gran Café Zaragoza and is now considered a genius.
You wo n’t believe your eyes. The location is stunning, and the caffeine is also outstanding. It is n’t expensive. We usually have local bacon, coffee, and delightful churros with chocolate.
Attend a Cultural Center
CaixaForum Zaragoza is a fashionable structure that is located 20 minutes north of the Old Town. It’s close to the Aljafería Palace. You will immediately recognize the large squares that abound above a large green space.
It’s the city’s most important historical centre. One of Spain’s largest lenders runs it. There are permanent and transitory displays. You can also attend at night.
On your way that, cease by the Las Delicias Bull Ring. The 1764 facility also holds bullfights! If you are not into them, visit the ring and the site gallery.
Go on a Day Trip to Huesca, Teruel or Albarracin
Huesca is just a 50 minute train journey from Zaragoza. The medium-sized area combines beautiful nature with ancient architecture. However, we highly recommend spending at least one day there.
Teruel is 2.5 hours by train from Zaragoza. That’s why we think you ought to spend at least one day it, too. It is renowned for its imposing structures and historic dragon remains. Its sausage is regarded as the best in the nation.
From Teruel, you may travel to Albarracin in under 30 minutes. It’s considered the nicest community in Spain. We agree! The medieval infrastructure is spectacular, and the views over the hillsides amazing.
Where to Stay in Zaragoza
In or around the Old Town are the best places to stay in Zaragoza. The Catalonia El Pilar is our preferred resort. The church is a short walk away from the ancient building. The best areas have fantastic views of the city.
The INNSiDE by Melia was our host for a stay, and we adored it for its top balcony and swimming. You’ll need it in the middle of summer. The size of the velvet rooms is incredible!
The Exe Boston is a great value for money. The centre is within walking range of the resort. They have a beautiful marble lobby where they display art.
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