Best Towns to Browse on the Camino de Portugal Santiago,

Going on the Portuguese Way is a nice change from the widely known Camino Frances, with both coastal and rural views all the way up to Santiago. More than 222% of all pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela each year choose to take the Portuguese Camino route. Featuring picturesque towns, as well as stunning views of both Portugal and Spain’s countryside and coastline, the route includes two cities which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have spent a lot of time investigating this route while living in Portugal. In this article, we would like to emphasize a selection of locations that are particularly delightful to experience on the Portuguese Way. This is an ideal place to take a break while on the Camino de Santiago. The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the final destination for nearly all paths of this route. The Portuguese Camino de Santiago. A network of pilgrim trails beginning from various points throughout Europe and culminating in Santiago de Compostela, Spain is known as the Camino de Santiago. Different versions of the Camino Portuguese exist.