Beyond Green showcases their brand commitment with first “Global Impact Report”

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The Ranch at Laguna Beach

Beyond Green, a global portfolio of planet Earth’s most sustainable hotels, has announced the launch of its first-ever Global Impact Report underscoring the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the effect of its member portfolio’s worldwide ESG initiatives. The report, available online at, utilises data resulting from a Beyond Green member sustainability survey to demonstrate the power of sustainable tourism in safeguarding the planet’s natural environment, celebrating cultural heritage, and enhancing the lives of local communities – representing the future of travel.

Established by Preferred Travel Group in April 2021, Beyond Green unites sustainability leaders worldwide to transform the travel industry with each member property vetted according to more than 50 sustainability indicators that align with global sustainable tourism standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In an era where environmental and social awareness significantly influences travellers’ decisions on destinations, accommodations, and businesses to support, the report serves as an educational tool, making sustainability accessible to the everyday traveller while going beyond the environmental aspect. Beyond Green’s core mission of representing hotels that demonstrate sustainability leadership across the three key pillars of Nature, Culture, and Community ensures travellers connect with vetted accommodations that actively contribute to the well-being of the places and communities they explore.

“I am thrilled to share Beyond Green’s first Global Impact Report, these results shine a light on the amazing work our members do across the three key pillars of sustainable tourism, Nature, Community, and Culture, demonstrating how critical this topic is and why we are passionate and committed stewards of this philosophy. Together, we can harness the power of travel to be a force for good, leaving behind a legacy for generations of travellers to come.” Says Lindsey Ueberroth, CEO of Preferred Travel Group.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach

Key report highlights include:

Dedicated Sustainability Positions: Over 90% of Beyond Green members have a dedicated Sustainability Manager or equivalent position or team, steering the evolution and on-site implementation of member’s sustainability programmes.
Reducing and Eliminating Single-Use Plastics:100% of Beyond Green members have eliminated single-use plastic water bottles from their operations. Additional efforts to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics include utilising biodegradable packaging and employing more sustainable materials throughout hotel operations, such as re-usable room keys made with wood or bamboo.

o   For example, a unique glass bottle crusher creates sand used across The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s GEO-certified golf course in California – while also reducing glass waste stream by 90%.

Renewable Energy: Nearly 70% of Beyond Green members utilise renewable energy sources, including solar panels, wind turbines, and other sources such as biomass derived from certified wood pellets.

o   The Brando excels in leveraging renewables, utilising everything from renewable solar fields to an innovative Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) system that harnesses cold water from the deep sea to naturally cool spaces without damaging hydrofluorocarbons.

Endangered Species Protection: Beyond Green members actively contribute to the protection of over 24 animal species and 1 plant speciesregistered on either the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List or the US Endangered Species list.

o   A leader in marine conservation, andBeyond Mnemba Island worked in partnership with the Ministry of Blue to establish Mnemba Island Marine Special Area (MIMSA), which grants additional protection to the surrounding biodiverse waters. The property also serves as one of the few protected nesting sites for the endangered green sea turtle – and allows lodge guests to join in on monitoring efforts.

Philanthropy & Donations: Through direct financial, in-kind, and guest donations,Beyond Green members donated a total of $3,138,449 during 2021-2022, supporting local communities, as well as natural and cultural initiatives.

o   Talaia Plaza EcoResort in Catalonia, Spain, established the Plaza Terra Viva Foundation in December 2022 to scale support for local nonprofits and projects protecting the region’s rich heritage and enhancing the well-being of its residents.

Protecting Cultural Heritage: Properties authentically share local cultural heritagewith guests through a distinct sense of place that reflects the traditional architecture and regional décor, culinary programmes, and immersive guest experiences that explore local history, folklore, and art.

o   Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert safeguards the region’s storied traditions and living heritage through a project to restore the Mongolian Bankhar, a breed of mastiff dog native to the surrounding steppe.

Community, Social and Economic Well-Being: Members actively support local communities, by hiring locally, partnering with local businesses, artists, and artisans, and contributing to micro-enterprise projects, education, health, and other community development priorities.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach

o   The Parkside Hotel & Spa on Vancouver Island became the first hotel in British Columbia to start a Memorandum of Reconciliation (MOR) to “recognise the historical relationship of the Songhees Nation with the land upon which The Parkside stands.” Guests are invited to join the Lekwungen, known today as the Songhees and Esquimalt People, and learn about indigenous culture through guided canoe and walking tours that reveal a unique perspective on the city’s heritage unknown to most travellers.

These transformative efforts led to Beyond Green’s recent recognition as an honouree in the Travel + Leisure 2023 Global Vision Awards, celebrating innovators and sustainability leaders.

“Beyond Green members demonstrate what is possible when world-class hospitality and sustainable solutions converge, and their collective positive impact in supporting local Nature, Culture and Community represents the transformation of travel; where exceptional guest stays are tied to the protection of our planet and well-being of its inhabitants. They inspire through action and continuously set the bar for sustainability leadership around the world, offering a guiding light and invitation for others to join this essential journey.” Says Nina Boys, Vice President of Sustainability, Beyond Green Travel.

All statistics used in the report are based on quantitative and qualitative data derived from a comprehensive digital sustainability survey conducted with Beyond Green member hotels, featuring 67 questions that reflect their efforts and impact between January 2021 and December 2022. A total of 26 Beyond Green members completed the survey in full, and the report was written and co-developed by Beyond Green Travel, a leading sustainable tourism consultancy and sister company of Beyond Green within Preferred Travel Group.




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