Botswana Safari: Where the Delta Matches the Dunes

We began our African vacation in Johannesburg, allowing 2 nights to acclimatise to the day area. We enjoyed a journey of Capital Hill, the Peace Museum, and Soweto before returning to our lodge. The following day, we flew to Maun, Botswana’s hospitality capital and second largest city. After our departure, we loaded our belongings and ourselves into a Cessna Caravan for a small, airport just north of our first tent, Leroo La Tau. This Safari house has a large bank with a view of the Boteti River. After settling us into our lodging for the next few evenings, we had breakfast, a small vacation, then we were off onto our second vacation travel. Within 100 yards of the hall doors, we saw our first Elephant, less than 30 feet from them. Then we entered the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park and followed a dust track past a few little home dog walls. Over the next 3 days, we sighted several Eagles, Elephant, Giraffe, Wilderbeast and Zebras up tight. We enjoyed a sundowner ( drinks and nibbles ) overlooking a waterhole with hippopotamus and crocodiles. We experienced storm, thunder, and heavy rain on our first day. This helped to reduce the particles and reduce the temperature. We made the choice to spend the day two at the local Nxai Pan National Park. This choice allowed us to generally enjoy an all-day Safari drive, and Leroo La Tau’s staff had even driven forward of us and prepared a fantastic dinner lunch in the shade of some Mopani trees. We saw some more wildlife immediately, as well as Elephant, Giraffe, Wilderbeast, Jackal, Impala, Ostrich and 100s of Zebra, among other animals. We spent this night with a nearby farmer at one of the little animal enclosures, where he described their way of life, which is primarily material farming. After that, we traveled to the nearby Xhumaga School, where we sat in a school, where we asked questions from students primarily about Australia and made inquiries about our own. Finally, we met the village chief in the circle. He described how significant his position in contemporary Botswana is, not only as the head of the area, but also as the head of his community’s legislature, and as the settler of minor group disputes. We flew to the Moremi Game Reserve on the top of the Okavango Delta after breakfast now. After breakfast, we made our first tour travel to our new station. Just before dusk we saw our first Tigers, we even saw Wilderbeast, Kudu, Waterbuck, Buffalo, and Zebra among people, as well as many species. Not much into our first trip this morning, we came across a small group of painted dogs. Within 2 miles, we sighted a girl Leopard up a trees, with a younger one in the twigs below. After that, we turned back to the empty marshy countryside and discovered a pride of lions feeding on a Buffalo. Birds were afoot in the branches above and were waiting for some crumbs. The area teemed with a variety of biodiversity, from little Kingfishers straight through to large Birds, there was also a variety of antelopes, bull, rodents, Mongoose, Baboons, giraffes and more. In a flat-bottom ship, we set out onto the Xakanaxa Lagoon after having lunch. A pair of old elephants floated along with the latest, eating water lilies, and there was a wide variety of bird life once more. The camp staff seemed to try to surpass each other while we were eating our food now, despite the fact that the camp staff did so while we were eating. A wild hippopotamus grazes on the grass at Camp Xakanaxa on the night when it leaves the river. We flew to Kasane Airport the following day and were taken to Chobe Game Lodge, which is located in the middle of the Chobe River, which serves as Namibia’s borders with Botswana. This house is more like a destination. Some of its vacation cars and boats have been converted to electric motors. All of the tour guides at this hall are women. We saw some animal types as well as Lions, Elephant, Giraffes, Warthogs, Baboons, Hippos, and more. In the middle of the valley, we witnessed an Mongoose being taken by a Crocodile during our vessel drives. By road, we made the drive to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe the following day. We were taken on a creek boat with breakfast inland of the fall after we settled into our new accommodations. The following morning, we went on a guided walk to the falls to see the falls, and after meal, we visited a exclusive game reserve and saw two Rhinoceros, which gave us our Great 5.