Calvillo in Mexico satisfies guava desires of all kinds.

I can still clearly recall my first style of fruit. It came from a red can when I was 12 years old, and the first sip was sweet and vibrant. It tasted simply as you would expect red to taste. My tongue has grown out of the excessively wonderful juice concentrates these days, but I still adore guava. A trip to the Mexican city of Calvillo in the state of Aguascalientes is a must-see for those like me who ca n’t get enough of the fruit. The city, which generates tons of the fruit periodically, is frequently referred to as the guava capital in the world. As I discovered during my most recent visit to Calvillo, one of Mexico’s charming Pueblos Magicos or Magical Towns, there is fruit outside. It can be found in sweets and chocolates. It is used in gram and brewed in liquor. Even the air has a special guava scent, and it can be found on pizza and in cocktails. a view of the houses in Calvillo. The Sierra Fria and Sierra del Laurel mountains frame Meagan DrillingerCalvillo, a stunning location that is dotted with beautiful buildings and webbed with historic stone pavements. With fewer than 20,000 residents, it has a small-town feel because it is tucked away in the mountains from the big-city strength of local Aguascalientes, the state’s capital. But given its output of fruit, for such a small city, it unquestionably has an impact on the global level. The most common uses of guava appear to be treats and mole. And Alebrije is the best place to test the Calvillo guava mole. The mole Alebrije is the specialty of this lovely, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, which has a sizable all-day menu. ( Note: Guava is guayaba in Spanish, so look for it on the menu. ) The moles Alebrije is made with a variety of plums, sugar, garlic, and onions in addition to guava and is slathered on top of meat, enchiladas, or anything else. It is best consumed with an handmade beer because it is exquisitely lovely with a mild spice. ( Of course! ) Try the Chula Guayaba. After that, a trek down Calle 5 de Mayo will enchant the sensations with the aroma of sweets and chocolates emanating from the chocolate and pastries. Get a doughnut from the 1958-established Don Emiliano or stock up on fruit treats at Dulceria La Tradicional. In Calvillo, Mexico, there is a set of stairs called Las Graditas that offers climbing breathtaking spectacular views of the city of Aguascalientes. Photo: Meagan Drillinger Beyond sweets, Calvillo has a lot to offer all tourists, not just those who enjoy fruit, who want to leave the tourist trail. With few direct flights from the United States, the state of Aguascalientes is still a little difficult for Americans to approach, though this is changing as the capital city expands. Tourists who want to examine ethnic Mexico will find a treasure trove of activities in Calvillo because it is even further away, about 45 hours from the capital. It is a popular location for pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, and boating because it is covered in mountains. Visitors to Magical Towns did adore Calvillo. The National Museum of Magical Towns, which features vibrant and colorful displays on each of the 177 Pueblos Magicos throughout Mexico, is located there in addition to being one of Aguascalientes ‘ original beautiful cities. Climb Las Graditas, a set of stairs that walk cynical area hills, for the best views in the area. Brightly painted properties and vibrant blossoms line either side of the stair. There are amazing landscapes of Calvillo at the top. Quit at Grada Noventa &amp, Seis on the way down for a deliciously determined cocktail and even more breathtaking views of the buildings. Grada Noventa &amp, Seis’s watch is ideal with its selection of inventive wines. When it comes to cocktails, Calvillo just so happens to be the location of the Ruta de las Cantinas, an hour bar walk tour. Photo Credit: Meagan DrillingerCannina connoisseur Every Friday and Saturday, the libation-fueled trip is taken on the holiday metro El Guayequito. The metro makes several stops at bistros and pubs across the town, stopping at each one to enjoy a specialty house beverage. Order Chuy Bombas Bar, their personal beverage, if a stop includes it. It’s not a cocktail for the weak of heart because it contains grenadine, red wine, two different types of brandy, Bacardi white rum, Oso Negro vodka, lime juice, Squirt ( a soda with grapefruit flavor ), and ice. Casa Bugambilias ‘ top spa share provides a view of the city and distant hills. When it comes to lodging, Casa Bugambilias is a stunning boutique hotel with eight separately decorated rooms. My personal favorite is Jacinta because of its strong soak bathtub, blue color scheme, and private lake. Beautiful views of the city and hills can be seen from the spa’s top share. Rosa Mexicano Cocina and Pietra Cucina are the two eateries at the resort. Rosa Mexicano Cocina is renowned for its classic Mexican food and inventive wines, while Pietra Cucina serves beautiful Italian food poolside on terraced gardens. Do n’t forget to have dessert; guava cheesecake is a must. Calvillo is here, after all. &# 13,