Cancun Resort Beach Area: 4 Bodies Found

by: Linda Hohnholz, eTN editor |

This is just a week later when a US tourist was shot in the leg in the nearby town of Puerto Morelos. The tourist was approached by several individuals who then shot him in the leg. The motive is not known, and the case is under investigation.

The four victims were all male and were discovered on the beach outside the Fiesta Americana hotel in Cancun‘s tourist district. There was no immediate information on the nationalities or identities of the victims.

Yesterday, it was reported that three bodies had been found in an area near one of Cancun’s beachside hotels along Kukulkan Boulevard. Today, they reported that a fourth body was found in undergrowth in the same location. It is not yet known what the nationalities of the victims are, nor have any specific identities been released.

Quintana Roo prosecutors reported that two suspects have been detained in the killings and said the deaths were under investigation. The causes of death were not provided.

The US state department has issued a travel alert warning travelers to “exercise increased caution.”

This warning is footnoted that caution should especially be exercised at night and specifically at Mexico’s Caribbean beach resorts in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. These areas are known to be rife with drug gang violence.

In 2022, two Canadians were killed in Playa del Carmen, apparently due to debts between international drug and weapons trafficking gangs. In 2021, farther south in Tulum, two tourists – one a California travel blogger born in India and the other German – were killed when they apparently were caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between rival drug dealers.

Cancun is the most popular vacation spot for Americans visiting Mexico, and soon thousands of students will flock to the coastal city for spring break. Mexican authorities have ramped up patrols in Cancun, fearing a loss of tourism revenue.

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