Cathay Pacific Prefers Airbus Over Boeing Freighter Planes

Cathay Pacific, the prominent airline of Hong Kong, recently placed an order for six freighter aircraft manufactured by Airbus, marking a setback for Boeing.

Cathay Pacific, after a delay in replacing its aging Boeing 747 fleet, confirmed the purchase of six Airbus A350F jets for about $2.7 billion, as disclosed in a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

In addition to the initial six Airbus A350F jets, Cathay Pacific has obtained the option to buy an extra 20 Airbus freighter aircraft.

Cathay Pacific’s decision between Airbus’s A350F and Boeing’s 777 freighter was closely monitored in the competitive landscape between the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Given the airline’s use of both manufacturers’ passenger jets, this choice held considerable significance in the industry rivalry.

Following Cathay Pacific’s announcement of ordering Airbus freighter aircraft, Airbus stocks surged by 1.5% in early European trading, while Boeing experienced a 0.5% decrease in premarket trading.

SOURCE: Cathay Pacific Prefers Airbus Over Boeing Freighter Planes