Christians are anticipated to go for roughly 1.2 million during the Memorial Day holiday.

Christians are expected to travel for almost 1.2 million this Memorial Day holiday.

By Dori Zook May 20, 2024 2: 09 am

RICHMOND, VA ( CVILLE RIGHT NOW) – AAA predicts nearly 1.2 million Virginians will be traveling a distance of 50 miles or more this holiday Weekend. That’s almost four percentage higher than last year, making Virginia’s Memorial Day weekend the second-busiest since AAA first began tracking vacation travel in 2000.
Roughly 9 out of every 10 holiday guests in the Commonwealth, or 1.06 million, may be hitting the streets for the illegal stop to the summertime. In the pre-pandemic days of 2019, auto travel is expected to increase by nearly 4 % over the same period last year. This is comparable to the number of people who drove to their destinations during the unofficial start of the summer.
Virginia’s air travel is expected to surpass last year’s go volume by more than 4 %, setting a new Memorial Day holiday history. More than 102, 000 vacationers are expected to leave their homes, which is roughly 7 % more than the number of travelers Virginia saw in 2019 alone.
The other type accounts for a small portion of holidaymakers, but it is growing post-COVID. Almost 35, 000 are predicted to travel by bus, bridge, or sail ship over the long vacation trip. That’s up 4 % from last year and up 15 % from 2019.

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