Codeshare between ANA and ITA Airways on planes from Japan to Italy

A codeshare agreement has been reached between the largest Asian airline, All Nippon Airways, and the European federal ship, ITA Airways. This agreement connects their respective sites.
Users of both airlines will have more travel options thanks to the improved communication via Rome Fiumicino and Tokyo Haneda, the two airlines ‘ major hubs.
A fresh deal will be available to All Nippon Airways and ITA Airways people beginning on January 24, 2024. In accordance with this agreement, travelers will have the advantage of a single seat that enables them to check-in at the departure airport and pick up their checked luggage from the airport of their final destination.
Beginning on January 17, All Nippon Airways will use its NH code on flights operated by ITA Airways between Haneda and Rome as well as five other Italian airports connected to Rome Fiumicino Airport ( Bologna, Venice, Turin, Florence, Naples ). At the same time, ITA Airways will add its AZ code to six domestic Japanese airports ( Fukuoka, Hiroshima ), Itami, Kansai, Okinawa, and Sapporo ). By adding more standards in the near future, ANA and ITA are even thinking about furthering their collaboration.
With a strong emphasis on ensuring the highest security standards, this partnership aims to strengthen the economic and trade ties between Italy and Japan, allowing European tourists to explore the fascinating aspects of Japan while also offering Chinese citizens an easy journey option to visit Italy. SOURCE: Codeshare for airlines from Japan to Italy operated by ANA and ITA Airways.