Congressman proposes a high-speed bridge project that may reduce the distance between major US cities in third:” We must get steps now.

An Illinois senator is calling for the development of a new series between Chicago and St. Louis in response to the potential of high-speed road in the country.
The matching of the cities of Illinois and Missouri might result in less waste and quicker travel times.
Representative Mike Quigley told The Chicago Tribune that, according to Newsweek, Representative Mike Quigley believes that if the purchase in transit infrastructure is made, a journey that would normally consider around five hours in the car may be completed in about half the amount of time.
” Two and a half time”, Quigley wrote in the Tribune. ” That is how rapidly one could go from Chicago to St. Louis with fresh higher- speed rail infrastructure. That would reduce travel time by almost half from the current level, thereby allowing millions of riders to save money: time.
When it comes to options for high-speed road, the United States is lagging behind many other countries. There is a sense of urgency to totally embrace this technology in order to reduce waste that is causing temperatures to rise international because this mode of transportation is much better for the environment than dirty-fuel cars and short-haul flights.
High-speed road is much more economical for passengers than gas-guzzling cars and aviation-fuel-reliant planes, and it produces significantly less planet-warming pollution than that of gas-guzzling cars and aviation-fuel-reliant aircraft. It’s much simpler to board and get off trains than it is to go through extremely time-consuming airport protection.

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Additionally, using a laptop or reading while riding the train is a welcome use of time for some train travelers, which is n’t possible when behind the wheel of a car.
Quigley continued,” The Midwest has a number of major cities that are all within a week travel, providing an excellent regional cloth for the creation of a reliable passenger rail network.”
This network was safely, effectively, and sustainably connect people and economies. To accomplish this, we must then make the necessary improvements to our existing passenger rail network while investing in a high-speed road future.
The Florida high-speed rail service Brightline has previously attracted fans, carrying over 2 million people in 2023 alone.
With the construction of a new high-speed range between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, it is hoped that victory will be replicated in the West.
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