Connecting offline: Revolutionary new technology

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The system that revolutionizes the world of electronic connectivity, called Twopit, increases data transmission speed and storage capacity, surpassing all other existing technologies. It guarantees the transmission of information even in the Internet’s absence.

Eng. Emanuele Costanzo, the inventor of the project, highlighted the technology with a new data transmission system that even in the total absence of a mobile or satellite network, is exponentially faster than other technologies that use electromagnetic waves.

The project was born between Naples and Catania, Italy, by a completely Italian research group, which patented it and from its name is representative of the sinusoid (a complicated trigonometric definition) from whose study it originates. Beyond the technicalities, what makes the new system revolutionary is its ability to make the connection wherever possible – offline and even where there is no field, for example, underwater and underground, exploiting one of the oldest information exchange systems: ultrasound.

The result, subject to an international patent, is a new system that overcomes the limits of current technologies, guaranteeing resistance to sound and electromagnetic interference. This is consequently a reliable transmission of absolute utility especially useful in emergency situations such as earthquakes and avalanches for the identification of survivors and the sending of help.

The same technique, when applied to electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, infrared, light, etc., manages to exponentially increase the capacity and speed of data transmission.

Genius of the Web

Emanuele Costanzo from Catania, Sicily – also known by his brother and Product Manager Renato Costanzo as Division Master or the Genius of the web, with a past in the NATO base in Sigonella, Sicily – specialized in the conception, design, and launch of sophisticated innovative software with high technological value and by the Neapolitan entrepreneur, Ciro Polese, who invested in the invention.

Italian and foreign media (USA, Canada, France, Germany); a delegation from Assotelecomunicazioni-Asstel, the trade association on whose board sits giants such as Tim, Vodafone, Huawei, and Open Fiber; and guests took part in the presentation whose presence was particularly significant, including the Hon. Gaetano Nastri Quaestor of the Italian Senate, delegates of the national emergency telecommunications coordination of the National Fire Brigade, the Head of the national PLC center in Rome, Eng. Roberto Rossi, and expert IT Inspector Eng. Gianluca Bonamore.

In addition, the managers of the Italian and Swiss offices of MSC Cruises and illustrious witnesses of sport and entertainment were in attendance such as the world champion in athletics, Andrew Howe; the international model, Alessandro Egger; the bestselling author and TV personality, Craig Warwick; the Italian singer-songwriter, Erminio Sinni; the entertainment agent, Cristiano De Masi; the voice of Mediaset, Andrea Piovan; and many other well-known faces.

Great emotion filled the hall when Emanuele Costanzo, taking the opportunity of the presence of the national delegates of the Fire Brigade, expressed his willingness to donate the Twopit technology free of charge to the service of the community in cases of emergency due to natural disasters.

“Imagine being able to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Imagine being able to transmit sensitive data without worrying about possible security issues. Imagine being able to send an emergency signal even in offline mode.”

“Here today, we present a technology that makes all this possible. Telecommunications technology has always been at the cutting edge, from the first light signal systems to today’s digital transmission systems. And today, we are here to present you [with] the next step towards the future,” said the inventor of Catania origins, Emanuele Costanzo.

“Our technology offers unprecedented transmission capacity, greater reliability against errors, and the ability to encrypt information to ensure its security, and can be applied to the radio frequencies that are used by our electronic devices today.”

Now, the new communication technology – internationally patented – opens up unimaginable scenarios.

Apart from the enormous implications, in any emergency circumstance that normal communications would not allow managing, this technology speeds up current connections markedly.

“For example, a pen drive that through today’s technology can memorize a gigabyte of digital data, with Twopit could also memorize hundreds of gigabytes. This technique, starting from the study of a very small band such as that of sound frequencies, can be of support for all the IT and telecommunications giants which instead, operating on electromagnetic frequencies, need to speed up transmission and optimize storage spaces regarding big data,” Costanzo added.

Product Manager Renato Costanzo specified: “Our revolutionary telecommunication invention transmits encrypted information using sine waves encoded with a base greater than [a] binary number system. This allows us to transmit an unprecedented amount of information with unprecedented robustness against errors.”

A fascinating practical demonstration of the technology was then proposed by Emanuele Costanzo, who amazed those present. Once the Wi-Fi was removed, the telephone was switched off, and the transmissions from the cell phone to his computer took place regularly and quickly. Emanuele transmitted the word “Twopit,” and it arrived from smartphone to PC in a flash.

Entrepreneur Ciro Polese brought out the deepest reason that prompted him to invest in the invention: “I can say with satisfaction that we have entered the future with an epochal change.”

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