Costa Rica Hotel Belmar Celebrates Pride

Through its 2024 Life &amp, Happy events this summer, Hotel Belmar in Costa Rica is excited to show its support for and accept the LGBTQI+ area. On June 22nd, the hotel kindly invites visitors to take part in the LGBTQI+ factory titled “LGBTQI+ Social Activism, Empowerment, and Leadership in Rural Communities”. This event will primarily focus on the success of gay movements that have spread beyond traditional urban places. Moreover, there will be a detailed presentation on the background of LGBTQI+ rights. Hotel Belmar may generously volunteer 10 % of the money from each ship beverage sold to Monteverde Diverso, a neighborhood grassroots organization that promotes and supports the LGBTQI+ community throughout these situations and throughout the month of June.
The lodge and Monteverde Diverso collaborated earlier this year to honor the next version of Monteverde’s Pride festival. Celebrating the ceremony with live music, Cerveceria Belmar, the hotel’s own table and beer, and taking part in diverse local events like outside film and workshops that aimed to include both families and the LGBTQI+ area.
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