CSMIA recycles approx. 9,000 single-use plastic bottles in 10 months

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Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has consistently been at the forefront of promoting sustainability and green initiatives. This Recycling Day, CSMIA is delighted to share a remarkable achievement, having recycled a staggering 8,890 used bottles by the end of October 2023, through the Reverse Wending Machines (RVMs) installed at the airport. Moreover, CSMIA is set to install three additional units of RVMs in November 2023, further amplifying this initiative. This milestone underlines the airport’s commitment to achieve zero waste to landfill by reducing and recycling of single-use plastic waste.

CSMIA installed 2 RVMs in January 2023 at P4 and P6 at Terminal 2 of CSMIA. Each RVM installed at the airport is capable of processing up to 450 bottles per hour, compressing 70% of the waste for efficient and easy transportation to recycling centres. Hence, saving resources, reducing emissions, and cutting transportation and logistics costs. In 2019, CSMIA initiated a comprehensive single-use plastic ban across its operations including retail, food & beverages, and partner airlines processes, achieving 100% single-use plastic-free status. Over a prolonged period, the RVMs are expected to annually reduce carbon emissions by approximately 125 tCO2e. Being a global airport, CSMIA has consistently introduced a range of groundbreaking green initiatives over the years. These initiatives encompass carbon neutrality, the adoption of solar energy, waste recycling, the production of organic compost, and the publication of sustainability reports compliant with GRI standards, among numerous other initiatives.

CSMIA aims at incorporating sustainability in all aspects of its business and these efforts will directly lead to a decrease in the indirect carbon emissions associated with PET bottle manufacturing. The primary objective of this initiative is to actively encourage and promote passengers and the entire airport community to recycle plastic bottles utilized within the vicinity of the airport. The program underscores the significance of raising awareness about reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste. Furthermore, the promotion of this activity at CSMIA plays a vital role in inspiring individuals to understand the importance of actively participating in recycling of plastic waste on a personal level as well.

CSMIA engages the airport community through various campaigns and reward systems encouraging the utilization of the RVMs. A recent campaign involved the distribution of merchandise such as T-shirts and caps to participants. RVMs are also intentionally designed to be self-explanatory, making it easy for anyone and everyone to use. With a 16-inch touch screen for user guidance, the machines are patented and spill-proof, accepting only empty plastic bottles. Moreover, a dedicated agency has been appointed to handle the collection of water bottles from the RVMs. The agency also engages with the airport community to promote the proper disposal of plastic bottles into the RVMs.

Contributing as a partner to the national initiative aimed at developing eco-friendly infrastructure for India’s transportation requirements, CSMIA’s steadfast commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability has further solidified its position in the industry. With the goal of achieving ‘Operational Net Zero Carbon Emission’ by 2029, CSMIA also remains committed to creating unforgettable journeys for travellers.




The post CSMIA recycles approx. 9,000 single-use plastic bottles in 10 months appeared first on Brand TD.