Cuts, Tourism Crisis: Zero is Stopping FRAPORT from Growing

Reflecting a positive trend, the Group’s operating result ( or EBITDA ) rose by 34.3 percent to €212.6 million during the first three months of 2024 ( Q1/2023: €158.3 million ). The Group result ( or net profit ) improved to €12.7 million. In the same time last year, this figure was also bad, minus €32.6 %.
In the first three weeks of 2024, Frankfurt customer numbers went up 10.4 percentage year- on- time to 12.5 million passengers. This is roughly 85 percent of the pre-crisis high that was attained in 2019. Despite numerous strikes ‘ adverse effects, leisure vacation demand remained large in Q1/2024. In contrast to the same time period in 2023, business travel levels also increased. Around 600,000 people were impacted by strikes and weather-related flight cancellations in the first quarter. Fraport AG’s CEO, Dr. Stefan Schulte, said:” Frankfurt Airport was impacted by attacks on some time in the first three weeks of 2024. The attacks affected 600,000 passengers, along with cancellations relating to the conditions, despite these negative effects, the new year of business started well. This was, in particular, due to rise at our Group airports outside Germany, with some exceeding pre- crisis levels afterwards. We anticipate continuing this good organization trend for the entire year, in our opinion.
In the first quarter, customer numbers are continuing to rise.
Among Fraport’s world gates, good notables were Antalya Airport on the Greek Riviera, the 14 Greek flights, and Lima Airport in Peru. At all three portals, passenger numbers over the first three weeks were significantly higher than those before the 2019 issue.
The administrative board of Fraport confirms its forecasts for the whole 2024 fiscal year in light of the positive results of the first third of 2024.