Czechia shines as a premier destination for weddings & wellness

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VisitCzechia, in cooperation with Czechia stakeholders, recently organized familiarization trips for key B2B partners and media representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia and Kuwait. This familiarization trip presented the esteemed guests with an exclusive opportunity to explore the heart of Europe and uncover the enchanting destinations for weddings and spa-wellness experiences in Czechia.

A seven-day trip was organized for B2B partners to explore the spa retreats and wellness experiences in Czechia. This trip included a guided walking tour of Prague, a visit to Teplice spa (the oldest spa in Czechia and one of the oldest in Europe), a visit to Thermalia – a thermal complex known for its undiluted thermal spring, Pravřídlo, Beethoven Spa House, Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary (which hosts the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival).

In the heart of this unforgettable experiences, Czechia had the recent privilege of hosting The European Spas & Balneology Congress in 2023. SPA-CE B2B meetings, a part of The ESPA Annual Congress, a prestigious event that united international visitors and industry experts to explore Czechia’s potential in enhancing travel experiences, took place at Hotel Thermal. Additionally, the trip included a visit to the iconic Grandhotel Pupp and a tour of Moser, a Czech company renowned for its handcrafted luxury crystal production. This unique experience allowed B2B partners to delve into the world of spa and wellness while networking with key stakeholders of the industry.

In parallel, a separate seven-day trip was organized for media representatives, providing them with an immersive experience of the wedding destinations in Czechia. The itinerary introduced the media representatives to every aspect of this stunning country, including a guided tour of the city of Prague and site inspections at remarkable venues such as Hotel Golden Key Prague Castle, Hotel Mandarin Oriental Prague, Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Savoia Castle, Farm Michael, Chateau Mcely, Panství Dlouhá Lhota, Žofín Palace, Vila Richter, Penzion na Kmíně, Lobkowicz Palace, Mozart Hotel Prague, Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, and Manufaktura experience – workshop.

Both familiarization trips aimed to position Czechia as a premier destination for weddings and wellness in the Middle East. The delegation had the privilege of immersing themselves in the essence of Czech hospitality while discovering the vast array of possibilities in this picturesque country.

In a statement, Barbara Andelová, International Marketing Manager – New Markets, CzechTourism, said: “Czechia offers not only a picturesque wedding destination but also a haven for spa and wellness experiences, with naturally healing mineral springs in Karlovy Vary. It provides couples with a unique blend of romance, history, and wellness, making it the ultimate destination for weddings and wellness experiences. We take immense pride in our centuries-old spa culture, combined with serene riverbanks and charming architecture, offering travellers a chance to experience rejuvenation like never before and providing couples with a dreamlike backdrop for weddings. We look forward to welcoming guests from the Middle East market. These successful trips marks our commitment to providing an unparalleled wellness experience, promising travellers an unforgettable journey into the heart of our nation, where history and serenity unite.”

#VisitCzechia not only showcases Czechia’s potential as a premier destination for weddings and wellness but also serves as a platform for building lasting relationships with key players in the Middle East market. Czechia, with its fairytale wedding venues and rejuvenating wellness experiences, is set to become the dream destination for travellers in search of enriching experiences and memorable moments.






The post Czechia shines as a premier destination for weddings & wellness appeared first on Brand TD.