Da Nang Tourism Ready For Growth After Routes Asia 2022

Routes Asia 2022’s closed as a great success after the hosting of Routes Asia 2023 being handed over to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The event creates excellent opportunities for Da Nang’stourism and aviation industry in the years to come.

Hosting Routes Asia 2022, Da Nang maintains its position as Asia’s leading festival destination, as it attracted more than 500 delegates from over 200 enterprises, airlines, airports, aviation service providers and tourism authorities, with hundreds of offline and online meetings, panel discussions, exclusive airline briefings and business matching.  

The boosting effects of Routes Asia 2022 

Routes Asia 2022 has provided a platform for great discussions to take place, such as: The directions for Da Nang city in the next period to attract new international tourist markets; Incentives for airlines to connect new flights to Da Nang; The best practices and insights from the region’s aviation and tourism community in order to develop network strategies; Through the promotion of transport, services, tourism and investment to revive the aviation industry in Viet Nam; The long-term plans to foster the international flight network, creating a strong push for the regional tourism, investment, and logistics industries. Particularly, face-to-face and online meetings with airlines and international airports (AirAsia, Qantas, CAPA – Center for Aviation, Eva Air, etc.) have helped decisions-makers to set out visions for developing new routes connecting Da Nang with Singapore, Korea, India and many more destinations, which will help Da Nangtourism to grow strongly from 2022 onwards.

Routes Asia is a golden chance to promote inbound tourism opportunities and drive the socio-economic growth for the city. By bringing together airlines, airports and tourism authorities to develop strategies that will rebuild air connections across Asia-PacificDa Nang proactively positions itself in the region and grasps the advantage to regrow air connectivity faster than other localitiesRoutes Asia will play an integral part in Da Nang achieving its ambitious masterplan to become the socio-economic centre of the country by 2045. Da Nang needs to take advantage of the opportunities that Routes Asia 2022 offers to further expand the connection with international airlines for the opening of new routes to Da Nang. This is because the key factor to attract more visitors is to help them travel to the destination most conveniently” – Mr. Steven Small, Director of Informa Routes.

The branding of “Da Nang” is gaining popularity 

The advantages for Da Nang tourism sector are the capacity of Da Nang International Airport, the visa waiver policy, price incentives for tickets, travel services, tour packages suitable for different segments of international visitors. Routes Asia 2022 has concluded, but its positive implications are manifested in the enhanced capabilities and readiness of Da Nang to host international events. This also affirms that Da Nang is the destination of great interests for tourism agencies, airlines and international airports in the Asia-Pacific region and rest of the world.

Mr. Tran Phuoc Son, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee, Head of the Organizing Committee for Routes Asia 2022, stated: After 2 years impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic, Da Nang has conducted a number of economic recovery programs, especially in the tourism sector by promoting domestic market, restoring and diversifying international markets, particularly traditional and potential markets in Asia-Pacific. Routes Asia 2022 is Da Nang’s first big move towards the international market to attract investment in aviation and tourism. Following the success of this event, the Da Nang Golf Tourism Festival 2022 will be hosted in September 2022, with its key event being the Asian Development Golf Tournament (ADT) 2022 – a regional prestigious tournament. These events have proven Da Nang’s brand as a national and international destination, having full capacity to become a popular destination in the region and the world“. 

Creating a driving force for the breakthrough of tourism industry 

Currently, Da Nang’s international tourism segment is still in partial recovery due to remaining restrictions at some traditional markets. However, domestic air transport has nearly reached the pre-Covid-19 levels (daily average of more than 100 one-way flights connecting Da Nang with Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, and Buon Ma Thuot). On the other hand, international flights have already resumed between Da Nang and Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Seoul and Daegu (Korea).

After Routes Asia 2022, Da Nang probably will be on the radar of many airlines such as Indigo, Lion Air, Malindo Air, Air Asia, Thai Air Asia X, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, etc. In July, Hong Kong Express will reopen the Hong Kong – Da Nang route; in September, Bangkok Airways will reopen the Bangkok – Da Nang route; in October, Thai Vietjet Air will increase the frequency of flights between Bangkok and Da Nang. Experts also foresee an “unexpected leap forward” for the aviation industry in the coming time, the same for Da Nang tourism with “the Routes Asia effect”. By 2024, Da Nang tourism industry is expected to grow back to the 2019 levels.

“Da Nang – An important international gateway in Vietnam, a destination with great potential to become an integral part of the global production and supply chain”: Routes Asia 2022 has not only promoted the image of Da Nang but also acts as powerful motivational catalyst for the restoration and development of international routes to Da Nang, contributing to the integration of Da Nang with the region and the world.