DAF establishes documentation requirements for insurance of pet travel costs.

For Airmen and Guardians planning to obtain insurance for pet travel costs due to a permanent change in place movements, the Department of the Air Force has established records needs.
In June 2023, the Defense Travel Management Office unveiled a new rule that would pay for pet travel costs as well as isolation costs.
Starting on January 1, 2024, service members will be eligible for reimbursements of up to$ 550 for one household pet—a cat or dog—in the continental United States, as well as$ 2,000 for moves to or from locations outside the country to pay for transportation costs for pets that meet the Joint Travel Regulations ‘ definition of” cats” or “dogs.”
Members may obtain insurance in addition to their PCS travel ticket, but they must meet registration requirements and present all necessary paperwork. The following are the records needs:
All travel and expenses may occur on or after January 1, 2024, and service users must be on PCS purchases.
Members are required to submit documents for all expenses.
Documents must be itemized, specify that they are for a single animal, and, if possible, include the pet’s name (especially for any specialized care the animal receives, like treatments ).
If the puppy is carrying cargo because it weighs more than what is permitted to be transported by government or government-provided transport, the receipt may reflect the weight of the animal.
A member may include a non-availability letter and the proper instructions on their orders if they self-purchase reserving tickets at an area where the Patriot Express operates. If not, the reimbursement’s vehicles part will only cover the price of shipping the pet using the Patriot Express. When a representative files their PCS go voucher, they must include all the documentation needed to obtain the non-availability notice.
Required fees for microchipping, boarding, hotel service, new primary duty station ( PDS ) licensing, and pet shipping fees if member flies rather than drives or is shipped separately from member are all eligible for reimbursement.
Quarantine fees and testing titer level ( antibodies ) for entry are additional eligible for reimbursement for PCS to or from OCONUS moves.
Explore the DTMO and DAF FAQs websites for more details. Additionally, if you need help with requesting insurance, please get in touch with your native finance office.
Explore the DTMO FAQs page and the DAF FAQ page for more details.
Additionally, if you need help with requesting insurance, please get in touch with your neighborhood financing office.