Desperate for Tourists Cuba Now Accepts Russian Mir Cards

The officials from the Russian National Payment System (NSPK) announced that Russian-issued Mir payment cards are now being accepted by various commercial enterprises in Cuba.

According to NSPK press-release, Russian Mir cards will first be accepted at point of sale (POS) terminals in well-known and popular tourist destinations, such as the Cuban capital Havana and the resort city of Varadero.

Tourists from Russia can now use Mir cards to pay in stores, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial and service establishments throughout the country,” the NSPK statement said.

According to the head of NSPK, Russian payment system will work with Cuban partners to ensure that in the near future Mir cards are accepted throughout Cuba.

Payments with Russian cards are made at the rate set by the Mir payment system and Russia is trying to make it as viable as possible, Russian official added.

Cuban officials announced in March of this year that Russia’s will introduce its alternative to Western payment cards on the island. Currently, there are ATMs displaying the Mir logo at several Havana bank locations that offer an option to withdraw cash in Cuban pesos using Russian Mir bank cards.

According to NSPK, Russia’s Mir payment system has experienced a “steady increase in demand” for new cards since last year, primarily in the developing states . About ten countries are currently using the system worldwide, while around 15 others have “expressed interest” in it.

Last November, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Yvan Gil Pinto announced that Russian Mir cards are is now accepted throughout the South American country. Caracas began accepting the Russian payment cards in June 2023.

SOURCE: Desperate for Tourists Cuba Now Accepts Russian Mir Cards