Develops Service for VOEPASS in Southern, Southeast, and Central-Western Brazil

Beginning on March 31st, VOEPASS Airlines will launch exciting new pathways and increase harmonics into the South, Southeast, and Central-West regions of Brazil.
Today, travelers can purchase flights to major cities like Congonhas and Guarulhos in So Paulo from Cascavel, Caxias do Sul, Chapecó, Maringá, and Rio Verde. Also, starting on May 1st, links between Chapecó and Florianópolis as well as Florianopolis and Porto Alegre will be available.
With an additional daily journey each, the current routes between Ribeiro Preto and Juiz de Fora to Guarulhos may be improved, providing more flexibility and ease. While continuing to provide support to Congonhas, President Prudente even gains connectivity to Guarulhos.
According to a VOEPASS spokesperson, this expansion” shows our dedication to connecting underrepresented regions and fostering growth in Brazilian aviation.” This statement emphasized the airline’s emphasis on local development.
With the exception of the Chapecó-related roads, which go on sale on February 25th, tickets for the new routes and wavelengths are currently available on the LATAM website and other programs.
With its ships of 14 ATR 42 and 72 propeller plane, VOEPASS Airlines, founded in 1995, connects several locations throughout Brazil.
They happily transported 1 % of the nation’s heat people in 2023, demonstrating their expanding influence in the sector. VOEPASS emphasizes customer well-being with over 1, 000 people and adherence to the highest safety requirements through IOSA qualification.
Through membership in ABEAR, IATA, and ALTA, they are committed to fostering business partnership. VOEPASS, a local leader, is committed to fostering community development and the development of Portuguese aviation. VOEPASS Expands Service in Southern, Southeast, and Central-Western Brazil via eTurboNews |ETN