Diving Tourism Decreasing in Turkey

Antalya, a popular tourism destination in Turkey, is looking to boost its diving tourism as the number of diving enthusiasts has decreased to as low as 55,000, down from 80,000 the previous year. Local businesses are determined to make Antalya a global diving hotspot.

During the diving season, Antalya sees up to 1,000 dives daily, with the support of specialized tour guides. Diving companies prioritize safety by offering private boat escorts and initial diving training. These dives include underwater video and photography sessions.

Ali Sivrikaya, the vice president of a local underwater association, observed that many vacationers try diving in Antalya once and then return year after year to explore different dive sites. He also mentioned that the typical cost for a diving adventure is approximately $100, and Russian divers are the most common participants.

SOURCE: Diving Tourism Decreasing in Turkey