Dumpling The Giger and Li transcending travel

 Following Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s (SLH) recent brand campaign to help guests transcend their comfort zones and expand their holiday horizons, the luxury hotel brand has unveiled its first artist collaboration with Malaysian artist Beatrice Oh, whose storybook character “Dumpling the Tiger and Li” will invite viewers to follow them on transcending travel adventures around the world, inspiring life-changing journeys of their own. 

Through a series of illustrations, Dumpling the Tiger and Li tells a story about an unexpected adventure and friendship between two very different individuals who set off on a worldwide expedition searching for Dumpling’s home. In the process, the dauntless duo will traverse diverse destinations, try out new activities, and get acquainted with the local communities as they try to find out where Dumpling’s home may be. Viewers are invited to join in their whimsical adventures via social media and encouraged to take a step to go on new travel adventures on their own. There will also be limited edition Dumpling the Tiger memorabilia and complimentary stays at SLH hotels to be given away. 

To spark conversations between like-minded individuals, the brand will also launch a set of 16 free-to-use travel-themed stickers on GIPHY (search via the keyword “slh”), which can be used when sharing on Instagram Stories.

“Dumpling the Tiger was created as a little love letter to my place of origin – Malaysia, to bring out the culture and warmth of the people I grew up with,” said Beatrice Oh. “I hope the story brings readers some form of simple escapism and joy where we are free to roam about with a wild animal through familiar and new landscapes beyond.” 

Richard Hyde, managing director, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, said: “SLH champions the imaginative and diverse voices that help shape our collective and brings inspiration to the world of wanderlust. Every interaction is personal and authentic, not only forging intimate connections with a place and its people, but also how these travel experiences can positively transform and enhance the traveller’s life through reflection and self-growth. Dumpling and Li are relatable characters for the brand to showcase standout experiences at our characterful collection of hotels in unusual places, giving users a window into the world out there waiting for them to explore, and in the process, enrich their inner lives.”