Ed Sheeran was seen dining at Dubai’s best domestic restaurant. a cafe

The Shape Of You singer visited Orfali Bros, a family-run restaurant in Wasl 51 that was founded in Dubai. Dubai is no stranger to strange celebrities, so it’s not surprising that we’re seeing prominent eyes at some of our favorite restaurants now that the season is in full swing. On Thursday, January 18, away of his live music in Dubai, 3 of the 12Global superstar Ed Sheeran was seen dining at Orfali Bros. The famous American singer-songwriter selected the exquisite “bistronomy” in Wasl 51, which was directed by the fearsome trio of Syrian brothers. Every flavor, product, and method play a unique role in the narrative at this neighborhood jewel, which was named MENA’s 50 Best Cafe 2023 for its intellectual Mediterranean and Arabian-inspired dishes. We do n’t know exactly what Ed would have eaten during his meal, but we do hope he was able to sample some of our favorites, like the OB cheeseburger, ajoblanco ( Hokkaido scallop with olive oil caviar and black garlic ), shish barak-a-la-gyoza ( beef dumplings flavored with Middle Eastern spices ), and miso tahini salmon. Ed Sheeran tells Mohamed Orfali in a videos posted to his Instagram stories that the meal was “amazing” and that he will return to Airport the following day. ” Thank you for the extraordinary food!” Ed Sheeran added after resharing the picture with his 46.5 million fans. Ed Sheeran will perform at the Sevens Stadium for two times on January 19 and 20 as part of his” +- = by” Mathematics Tour with visit host Calum Scott. It is set to be the largest open-air music to actually take place in Dubai. The song will be performing in the city for the first time since his first music in 2017 at this quit, which is a part of the Asia and Middle East knee of his smash-hit trip. There are only a few cards left for Friday that can be purchased on Platinumlist despite the fact that all tickets for the Saturday performance have been sold out. internet. Provided by @orfalibros_bistroImages