Effective Month at OTM 2024 for Tourism Seychelles

The island state earnestly engaged key journey partners and showcased its diverse array of experiences, services, and products, reaffirming India’s important role in the countrys international tourism strategy. This was done with a proper focus on enhancing its presence in India amid the energetic atmosphere of OTM in Mumbai.
With the assistance of other partners like Destination Management Companies ( DMCs ) like 7 South, Luxury Travel, and hotels like Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort &amp, Casino, with the support of BRANDit, India Representation Office, Air Seychelles was the destination’s representative, in addition to the tourism team.
Our 2024 plan places a solid focus on promoting our product through both offline and online B2B programs, according to Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, Director General Destination Marketing at Tourism Seychelles. Our momentum plan places a strong emphasis on India, and our future investments will strengthen our presence there by leveraging platforms, trade shows, incentive programs, media relations, etc. We were able to craft new partnerships and communicate with current trade partners thanks to OTM. Our 2024 plan places a strong focus on promoting our product through offline and online B2B/B2C channels. Our momentum plan places a strong emphasis on India, and our future investments will take advantage of platforms like trade shows, incentive programs, media relations, to increase our presence in the nation.
With arrivals from India reaching 50 % of the statistics recorded in 2019, the Seychelles experienced a major industry treatment in 2023. Tourism Seychelles has properly outlined a detailed roadmap to position itself as the desired destination across numerous segments through focused digital marketing initiatives focused on particular demographics in India as it continues on the road to recovery.
Mrs. Willemin continued:
” We aim to highlight the unique services of our island heaven to Indian guests, appealing to intrepid, honeymooning, affluent, and particularly conscious tourists.”
” Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and we encourage both partners and visitors to share the duty of preserving the Seychelles Islands ‘ natural beauty.”
One of the best six Seychelles cause industry is still firmly established in India. In order to more capitalize on the burgeoning interest from Indian guests, Tourism Seychelles and its dedicated team in India continue to foster relationships with local partners along the coast. They hope to work with influencers and digital systems. Seychelles just received the exclusive” Most Encouraging New Destination” honor at OTM 2024, reiterating its allure and potential in the world of tourism. This passion has recently been recognized.
Tourism Seychelles Concludes Successful Time at OTM 2024 BY: eTurboNews | ETN SOURCE