Embassy of Sweden hosts Masterclass with Michelin-Star Chef Titti Qvarnström

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The Embassy of Sweden was graced by the presence of culinary sensation and sustainability champion, Chef Titti Qvarnström, for a remarkable masterclass that captivated the audience and celebrated the 75 years of Sweden-India relations.

The event took place at the Ambassador’s residence, Embassy of Sweden. Chef Titti is in India for curating the food menu and cook for the Sweden-India Nobel Memorial Gala Dinner to be held at the Ambassador’s residence on October 13, 2023. In commemoration of this grand jubilee, She has curated a Menu inspired by the 1948 Nobel Banquet dinner served 75 years ago. To honour the innovativeness incusing the Sweden India relationship, she has chosen to make a vegetarian interpretation of the dishes served in 1948, cooked with Indian ingredients, bringing the best of Sweden and India to the plates in a union of flavours.

Speaking on the masterclass Chef Titti Qvarnström said “I am truly honored to be here at the Embassy of Sweden, cooking at this prestigious premises. It’s always a fascinating challenge to put my own twist on a noble dinner, especially given the history of great chefs and exceptional cuisine associated with such high-profile events.

To have the opportunity to contribute to this culinary heritage is a privilege. It’s remarkable how our countries, though geographically distant, share a profound bond through our food culture and longstanding diplomatic relationships. This connection is a testament to the power of gastronomy in bridging cultures and celebrating our shared values.”

Titti Qvarnström, renowned as the first female Michelin-star chef in Scandinavia, brought her innovative culinary expertise to the forefront during this captivating masterclass. This exceptional event was dedicated to the International Year of Millets, with a specific focus on the sustainable use of Indian ingredient millets in gastronomy.

Chef Titti Qvarnström’s culinary journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, she honed her culinary skills in Copenhagen, Denmark, and subsequently worked at esteemed restaurants in Berlin, Germany. Upon her return to Malmö, she assumed the role of executive chef at Bloom in the Park Restaurant, a move that catapulted her into culinary stardom.

Her list of achievements includes being awarded the coveted Michelin star in 2015 and leading Bloom in the Park Restaurant to be named “Best Restaurant in Sweden” under her guidance. Her talent has also been showcased on television, where she has competed in popular culinary shows such as “Chefs” and “Battle of Chefs.” Additionally, she was a semi-finalist at Chef of the Year, further solidifying her reputation as a culinary luminary. Titti Qvarnström’s commitment to sustainability is an integral part of her culinary philosophy.

She is the driving force behind Qvarnström Gastronomi, a company dedicated to promoting sustainable Swedish cuisine. Her creations draw inspiration from the natural environment of southern Sweden and the rich produce of the Skåne region, resulting in seasonal dishes that reflect her dedication to responsible sourcing and ethical gastronomy. As a true pioneer of sustainable gourmet cuisine, Chef Titti Qvarnström is also the visionary behind “Pure Food Camp,” an innovative venture that invites international food enthusiasts to embark on a unique journey through Skåne, exploring the entire culinary process from farm to fork.

Titti Qvarnström’s passion for experimental natural cuisine can be traced back to her childhood experiences, where she roamed the forests with her biology teacher father, learning about the treasures of the natural world that could be transformed into culinary delights. Her creations, lauded by the Michelin team, are known for their visual appeal, creativity, and modernity.

The masterclass with Chef Titti Qvarnström was a resounding success, combining culinary excellence with sustainability, and further strengthening the cultural bonds between Sweden and India. It was an event that showcased the profound impact that sustainable gastronomy can have on the culinary world.


The post Embassy of Sweden hosts Masterclass with Michelin-Star Chef Titti Qvarnström appeared first on Travel Daily Media.