Ending Free Long-Term Visas in Sri Lanka due to Russia and Ukraine

Sri Lanka has stopped issuing completely lengthy- word visas to Russians and Ukrainians who have been residing in the country since February 2022.
These folks will now need to pay the regular card price, around$ 50 for a 30- time card, if they wish to stay in Sri Lanka.
This decision comes after Sri Lanka first offered free permits to Ukrainians and Russians fleeing the war in Ukraine.
But, the new legislation just affects those who have already been in the state for two years, and they are still eligible to apply for standard permits.
Officials emphasize that this change does not affect normal tourists, who are still encouraged and may cost of individual visa promotions, including continued completely visas for Russians visiting Sri Lanka under a different scheme.
This maneuver highlights Sri Lanka’s continued efforts to balance supporting those impacted by the battle while promoting tourism and financial recovery. SOURCE: Sri Lanka Ends Free Long- Word Visas for Russians and Ukrainians BY: eTurboNews | eTN
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