Ep7: Born with a composer and podcaster in Dubai Zuby

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The majority of the guests we’ve had on the line have had some experience with audio microphones in the past, but for our sixth season of Reborn in Dubai, we booked in a real audio artist. This eloquence actor has hosted guests like Elon Musk, Alex Hormozi, Douglas Murray, Matt Walsh, and Bret Weinstein on approximately 500 apps, including his own program True Talk with Zuby. He has also appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience half. He is also a published author, philosopher, content creator with millions of followers across his social media platforms, an Oxford University graduate, public speaker, and the CV continues. However, what is most interesting about tomorrow’s show is that he is regarded as wise and sought-after. He also has several hip hop songs in his rear library. In the show, he shares his views on Dubai, gives us a glimpse of his forming forces, and offers some excellent pieces of advice that can be applied to many different real-world problems. And he completes everything in under 30 days. This is what’s being discussed with @ZubyMusic. You can listen to Apple Podcasts below.