Escape to a beautiful universe at AYA this Winter Season

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As the temperature drops and the winter festive mood starts rising, UAE Residents begin drawing holiday plans with their family and friends on how to celebrate the season. Some opt to travel out of the country, while some choose to bring their families over to the UAE. Either way, there’s no denying Dubai continues to wow Residents and Tourists by offering a vast selection of festivities in every corner of the city.

Now, here is the deal. What if we tell you, your escape to a beautiful universe is just next door, with just a ticket to visit AYA Universe. Located in Wafi City Mall, AYA Universe is Dubai’s award-winning and out-of-this-world immersive entertainment attraction where travelers are invited to wander through twelve vibrant experience zones spread across 40,000 square feet. Travelers will play, drift, and dream as they command observatories full of stars, roam gardens blooming light, traverse rivers that bridge the infinite and defy gravity by leaping through a waterfall that runs in reverse.

12 immersive zones, 12 unique experiences
At AYA Universe, travelers escape reality behind and get transported to 12 vibrant realms which is perfect not only for creating memories with their loved ones, but also capture content that you can share with your friends on social media. Here are every guests top favourites among 12 stellar experiences at AYA Universe:

The Source – Spark Blooms of Life – Explore infinity pools pulsing in time with music, a touch reactive dome, and behold an explosive Six-Minute Show. Control the content by moving your hands over the surface of the dome.
Luna – Travel Beyond Stars – An infinite mirror chamber filled with shimmering moons visualizes the sounds of AYA in a Surreal Light Show.
Flora – Roam Mysterious Gardens- Illuminate a garden blooming lightin a Six-Minute Light Show. Encounter cloudbursts and the seasons of AYA in this enchanted forest.
Harmonia – Dance with Light – A robotic symphony in an infinite mirror room. The Three-Minute Light Show is a perfect stage for expression and movement.
The Falls – Reverse Reality – Jump through a real waterfall that runs upside down. Feel the powerful breath of AYA as the energy harnessed in The Pool returns to its source. Be sure to include AYA Universe to your winter season plans. Tickets to AYA Universe is available for only AED 125. Book your tickets at www.aya-universe.comto get your festive season escape sorted.




The post Escape to a beautiful universe at AYA this Winter Season appeared first on Brand TD.