ETOA and ETC Partner to Promote Europe Tourism in China in 2024

In 2024, the collaboration between the European Tourism Association (ETOA) and the European Travel Commission (ETC) will focus on promoting Europe in China, the organizations announced.

The China European Marketplace (CEM) is scheduled to be held in Shanghai on May 24, 2024. Organized by ETOA, this event will facilitate individual meetings between European suppliers and Chinese outbound tour operators during a one-day workshop. Furthermore, from May 27-29, ETC will host a EUROPE stand at ITB China in Shanghai to showcase various European destinations.

Both organizations express their optimism for the recovering Chinese market for Europe through this collaborative marketing effort.

According to Tom Jenkins, the CEO of ETOA, those who have put their money into the Chinese market have experienced difficult times in the past four years. However, ETOA members are hopeful that they will see a 50% rebound in market activity compared to 2019 levels by the end of 2023. Furthermore, there is an expectation of a surge in demand beyond that point. In fact, many are predicting that the market will reach pre-pandemic volumes by 2025-6. These projections will be the focus of the discussions at CEM.

Visa-free visits to China have been expanded to include nationals from The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. This move greatly facilitates the attraction of delegates to these events. Our aim is to demonstrate the warm welcome extended to Chinese visitors while we anticipate reciprocity from Europe, said Jenkins. He also stressed the significance of all markets, particularly emphasizing the value of new ones.

According to ETC’s CEO Eduardo Santander, China is a crucial long-distance market for Europe. The revival of Chinese demand holds great importance for the European tourism industry. When Chinese tourists visit Europe, they often opt to explore three or more countries in a single trip. The increasing number of independent travelers from China presents significant potential as they return to Europe to discover off-the-beaten-path destinations and practice more sustainable travel.

Santander emphasized that both organizations consider the tourism connections between China and Europe to be vital, both in terms of business and culture. Given the strong historical bonds between the two regions, tourism plays a pivotal role in promoting mutual understanding and fostering future cooperation among Chinese and European partners.

Founded in 1989, ETOA initially served as an organization for tour operators offering Europe as a destination in long-haul markets. Over time, ETOA has expanded its scope to include regional operators, online intermediaries, wholesale travel companies, and any business seeking to promote themselves as part of a comprehensive European product.

ETC is composed of Europe’s national tourism organizations (NTO) and aims to enhance the sustainable growth of Europe as a tourist destination while also advocating for Europe in non-European markets.

SOURCE: ETOA and ETC Partner to Promote Europe Tourism in China in 2024