Expelled woman allegedly stole personality for travel abroad, according to the court.

Published: Saturday | June 8, 2024 | 10: 44 AMPhotoVideo
A 38- yr- ancient St Catherine woman, accused of stealing another woman’s identity to acquire many documents, was apparently planning to travel abroad.
Taneicia Reid made the revelations on Friday when she made an appearance in judge at St. Catherine’s. On July 12, she will gain.
Reid, a worker from Spanish Town, is charged with fraud, conspiracy to commit fake, obtaining a card by forged papers and making a false charter.
During the reading, Senior Judge Desiree Alleyne indicated her purpose to quicken the courtroom proceedings.
But, the defense informed the court that Reid needed additional constitutional counsel and needed to review the documents that had been released.
The judge and the prosecutor concurred that a second time is necessary to speed up that process.
The jury learned that Reid, who had been deported to Jamaica, supposedly intended to use the fabricated identity to gain entry worldwide.
The original owner of the biodata allegedly transferred the data to the Passport, Immigration, and Citizenship Agency to conduct business before being informed that someone else had it.
The plaintiff, who journeyed from St Elizabeth then went to a revenue company, where it was revealed that a duty membership number, driver’s license and passport with someone’s other picture previously existed.
The authorities were contacted and Reid was charged following an investigation.
– Rasbert Turner
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