Fallout from the Gaza War: The US health sector is No Immune to Anti-Semitism

” What kind of America are we living in that a doctor feels empowered to fire these types of cruel, racist thoughts”? asks one Israeli physician after a flood of anti- Semitic posts by medics, including some likening Israel to Nazi Germany Anti- Semitism has skyrocketed in the United States and other countries since the Oct. 7 massacres in Israel, and the health field is no defense. Instead, a number of US physicians, nurses, and other health professionals have made comments that reject the Hippocratic Oath and glow a light on the growing problem of anti- Semitism in the health industry. ” Medicine is being corrupted in a way that is opposed to our occupation. We live on knowledge. We live on reality through research. We treat all people. That is our society’s asking. And when we see either an knowledge of information or a theft of information, it actually causes an philosophical crisis”, Dr. Yael Halaas, the president and founder of the National Jewish Medical Association, told The Media Line. Halaas, a planet- renowned plastic surgeon who runs a process in Manhattan and has trained thousands of physicians, said she founded the organization in part because many Jewish physicians “felt left out of the chat” and “alienated from colleagues that one time before we were calling amiable colleagues and all of a sudden now there was this divide based on ignorance” .Watchdog groups such as Canary Mission and StopAntisemitism have highlighted a number of medical professionals who have made nasty comments about Israel and Jews. The responses range in their levels of Jew- anger. Much of the pro- Semitism is cloaked in democracy, masked in peace, or tucked away in subplots. A lot of it links Nazism. ” The IDF]Israel Defense Forces ] is the most accomplished martial killing machine since the Einsatzgruppen”, Arizona- based physician Dr. Sam Durrani posted on Threads, referring to the Nazi death squads accountable for the large murders of some 1.5 million Jews, mostly by shooting. ” Do n’t like Nazi comparisons? Stop acting like them, you are not beyond reproach”, he wrote. In another post, Durrani wrote:” The Hamas terrorist attacks, horrifying as they were, are a false flag for Netanyahu’s ( Likud’s ) Final Solution”. The Final Solution was the Nazi prepare for the murder of the Jews, 6 million of whom were finally killed in the Holocaust. Durrani is convinced that he is not anti- Arabic and that he cares for all people likewise. He even condemns Hamas and claims that he donated to the Anti- Defamation League after Oct.7. But, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance claims that cases of anti-Semitism include “drawing analogies of modern Jewish policy to that of the Nazis” and” claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is an attempt at racism.” The IHRA has 35 part countries, and its working definition of anti-Semitism has been adopted by the majority of US state, including Arizona and 40 states. I believe this to be the pinnacle of deceiving when Anti- Semites use Nazi language to describe Zionism, which is just asking for Jews to have the right to self-determination in their homeland. Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a board-certified plastic surgeon and the legend of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated set “Skin Decision: Before and After,” said,” I think it is the height of deceiving when anti-Semitic people use Nazi language to describe Zionism, which is just asking for Jews to have the right to self-determination in their homeland.” Nazari, an Egyptian Jew, ran away from Egyptian oppression as a youngster. She currently runs a clinical practice in Beverly Hills and teaches medical assistant at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Many troubling instances of anti-Semitism in the medical community have been discovered by Canary Mission and StopAntiseminism. On December 28 at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, a class called Physicians Against Genocide made an attempt to manage an anti-Israel opposition. Their online brochure referred to it as an “urgent action” to “abstain from the murder in Gaza.” They canceled the event after receiving criticism and said in a statement that the action was really” a planned visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in order to educate and employ the physician society,” Dr. On the website of Coral Mission, Ali Imran is listed for” spreading contempt of Israel” and “blaming Israel for terrorist war acts,” despite the fact that he reportedly works at the same doctor as Durrani. At an anti-Israel gathering held in Phoenix, Arizona, he was a included listener. StopAntisemitism publicly criticized Dr. Tariq Hilal, a board-certified activities and back doctor. The group posted on the social media site X,” In his free time, Hilal,” calling Israelis “pigs” and “baby psychopaths,” and contrasting Zionism with Nazism. A letter titled” Call to Action: An Open Letter from Global Health Professionals” was submitted to the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in late October, just a few days after the Hamas murder in Israel. 2,700 names were collected. The letter, which purported to speak on behalf of international health staff, demanded an immediate cease-fire in Gaza while hardly denouncing Hamas. Additionally, there was no call for the launch of the more than 240 victims that Hamas was holding, including numerous elderly and young children. After receiving complaints from members, a section calling for this was removed. Due in large part to a competing letter from more than 47,500 foreign medical professionals asking the journal to rethink publication, The Lancet previously published the letter. According to that letter, the first letter was generally filled with opinion more than evidence-based references and contained false information, one-sided, slanted views, incomplete context, and history. How is a health professional who practices humanitarianism refrain from calling for the transfer of innocent people? It came to an end. What kind of America do we live in where a doctor feels qualified to denounce such vile, prejudiced viewpoints? What types of health societies permit this to occur? Nazarin enquired. There is no way a doctor could get away with speaking about any other civilization or minority group in this way. When asked by The Media Line if she would feel at ease taking household members to see a doctor who posted fabric similar to what Durrani posted, Nazarian replied,” Totally not.” There are some individuals who can be educated and some who have been brainwashed but carefully from birth, in institutions, their religious organizations, and at their breakfast table at home. This is what I learned while living in Iran and having personally witnessed anti-Semitism and Islamist ideology. Therefore, it will take a lot of effort to de-brainwash someone with that amount of indoctrination, she said. Nazari claimed that despite the fact that many doctors have been reported to their medical boards for posting anti-Semitic social media posts, the majority of boards do n’t consider doctors ‘ opinions to be within their purview and, as a result, incidents are typically handled by employers, if at all. Sheila Nazarian, Dr. Halaas claimed that Dr. Darren Klugman, a Jewish physician who served as the director of pediatric cardiac critical care at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, was the only physician she was aware of who had received disciplinary treatment from the medical board ( Screenshot/Nazarian Plastic Surgery website ). Palestinians showing the world exactly who they are and what they want, dying Jews andamp, no more #israel, he had posted on X. Only ferocious creatures… it’s time to retake Gaza since 2005 andamp; put an end to the Iranian nuclear program. 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The evils of the massacres, crimes, and kidnappings were still being revealed when Klugman wrote Top Stories &# 13 about his family members in Israel. Dr. Nasrien Ibrahim, a doctor and Harvard professor who was the subject of anti-Semitic posts on various cultural media watchdog groups, received very different therapy. StopAntisemitism claims that after October 7, Ibrahim “would n’t condemn Hamas,” among other dubious statements. The attacks on October 7 were the single-largest Jewish death toll since the Holocaust, and Ibrahim just declared on social media that she had been “elected to the Human Rights Forum Executive Board of the American Public Health Association as the contacts chair.” Hamas is a recognized foreign terrorist firm in the US, the United Arab Emirates. In Gaza, there are still 132 prisoners, at least 25 of whom are reportedly useless. Mia Schem, a 21-year-old Israeli who was kidnapped from the Nova music festival and released after 54 tough times in the late November hostage release deal, said in an interview that regular Palestinian families were helping to cover the hostages. I believe the best thing to do is to raise awareness of and amplify these doctors ‘ information so that the consumer knows their physicians and to be able to choose them properly. In a response on social media, Durrani branded Schem’s meeting as an “exploitation of her injury” to” support kid murder” in Gaza. According to Nazarian,” I believe the best course of action is to raise awareness of these doctors and spread their messages so that the public is aware of them and able to select their doctors smartly with morals and ethics that are consistent with their own,” Halaas deemed it encouraging that there were numerous instances of physicians who gathered after October 7 to uphold their duty of care, irrespective of personal views or outside elements. ” In my core, we have doctors of all denominations, and both Jewish and Muslim doctors have made it a point to reaffirm their compassion and humanity for one another.” It’s actually been a bible to the best that we really want to embody, the way that doctors actually should behave, and how we really want them to behave,” according to Halaas.