Family of Little Rock victim of crime travels from California to get justice and stop youth violence.

by: Gary Burton Jr.

Posted: Jun 13, 2024 / 11: 00 PM CDT

Updated: Jun 13, 2024 / 11: 01 PM CDT


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Californian mother is on a mission to prevent other murders from occurring as well as find fairness for her son’s death.
Unitie Nelms Breedlove’s child, Dejon Nelms was killed on December 20, 2023, on 14th Street in Little Rock.
Family of killing survivor in Little Rock seeks justice
21- year- ancient Dejon and 20- yr- old Modesti Allmon were both shot and killed.
17- year- ancient Kevin Mitchell has been charged with 2 works of capital crime. Little Rock Police are also looking into the dying.
Dejon’s mother, Unitie, often travels from California with the goal of finding fairness for her child and to fire change in youth violence.
Breedlove remarked,” Every time I wake up sad,” as she sat there in the exact same spot where Dejon took his last breathing. ” It’s difficult for me to look at his pictures. It’s difficult for me to recall him”.

In connection with the December 2023 double killing situation, Little Rock police arrested a 17-year-old.
Breedlove said even though it’s tough to continue to fight, she wo n’t give up.
” Maybe we can keep someone else’s baby”, she stated.
She says she wo n’t stop when times get tough, and that unity is what it takes to break this cycle of youth violence.
” Every opportunity I get, I’ll be here. Every prospect. Therefore, if I may come from California, everyone in the neighborhood can appear out,” Breedlove said.

Next target Identified in Dec. 20 Little Rock twice killing
This Saturday, June 15 at 9: 30am, Dejon’s family, Unitie, along with the Parents of Murdered Children nonprofit organization may be speaking on the actions of the State Capitol with hope of putting an end to youth violence.
There have been 17 deaths in the area of Little Rock so far this year.
Out of the 17 survivors, at least 7 were 30 and under.

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