Few Americans Will Be Traveling This June.

This summer, Americans may be moving all over the place. According to a recently released research from The Vacationer, 82 % of Americans plan to travel this summers. That’s more than 212 million British people. Of those 212 million people, 134 million Americans may be flying, and 196 million people may be taking road trips. The results of a study of 1, 066 Americans over the age of 18 that was conducted in late March 2024 were based on the data. Even though those figures are astounding, there are actually fewer Americans predicted than there were last summer, which was regarded as one of the biggest corporate travel boom in recent memory. This season, there will be 3 % fewer guests, compared to 2023, which saw 219 million American take to the skies and the streets. We can speculate as to why fewer Americans have travel plans this summer, but the survey did n’t address why. For one, more research has revealed that many Americans are relying on credit cards to pay for their travels because the cost of living has increased for many would-be travelers, but some Americans may be approaching their credit limits. After a number of years of punishment travel that began shortly after the pandemic and have since been overshadowed by the expansion of a less ferocious trend called slow travel, the little reduction may also be a natural modification. However, even with 7 million fewer passengers traveling, that is still a lot of people who will be waiting in safety lines and on the highways. You can anticipate extended Airport wait times and heavy traffic as a result. Be prepared to provide yourself more time when you’re moving, or you’ll find yourself sluggish and in a rush. Check out the TSA’s best tips to ensure that you pass airport security immediately this summer. Instead of a Fourth of July getaway this summer, you might also want to consider a Memorial Day or Labor Day trip if you want to avoid the crowds. 30 % of respondents were planning to travel for the Fourth of July, according to the survey, compared to only 22 % of those traveling outside of town for Memorial Day and 20 % for Labor Day. Additionally, according to the Vacationer research, 25 % of Americans plan to travel abroad, and more than 40 % of Americans are planning to travel for more than one reason this summer. Processing times have significantly decreased since the end of 2023 for Americans who want to travel internationally but have n’t yet received their passports, but I would n’t advise putting off too much given how many people still intend to travel abroad. Whether you need support sneaking plant onto a helicopter, finding an aircraft where you can sign up for PreCheck without an interview, or making sure you’re getting everyone you’re entitled to when your trip is canceled, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for up-to-date travel tips and updates on all the traveling information you need to know to help you organize your next great experience. Want more Thrillist? Following us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. At Thrillist, Opheli Garcia Lawler is a top team author. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Journalism from NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. She’s worked in online advertising for eight times, and before working at Thrillist, she wrote for Mic, The Cut, The Fader, Vice, and other blogs. Following her on Twitter @opheligarcia and Instagram @opheligarcia.