Finally: the great terrible creature of an essay about where exactly you may take in Manhattan.

Finally: the great poor list of where the locals really think you may eat in Manhattan. Our NYC-based staff has a lot of strong opinions about where to find the best bites and sips in what we believe to be the best city in the world, and I could n’t create this list alone. Like every New Yorker, we have many strong opinions about where to find the best bites and sips. If you’re establishing yourself on the other side of the East River, we have another roster for Brooklyn. So, this neglect the banter and get into the first program. Please keep in mind that this is your second city reservation, therefore check how far in advance common restaurant reservations are available and be flexible with your schedule. Sites like Resy and OpenTable will let you choose to receive notifications when last-minute tables open up, which happens more frequently than you’d think, if you do n’t snag one at first. L: One flavorful olive bread toasted with product cheese, please! © Apollo Bagels, R: Or get sandwiches from Barney Greengrass, the home- proclaimed” Sturgeon King” © Ann Douglas LottBreakfastAKA, sandwiches. Not always, but when you have a long list of options, why would you visit New York City and never have one bagel? On the Upper West Side, a traditional Jewish shop with specialties like liaison and fish, you can find items like Barney Greengrass. For its large selection of sandwiches and shmears ( such as apple ginger, scallion with ham, and espresso ), Tompkins Square Bagels is a favorite in the East Village. Get it across the city to enjoy the park because seating is limited. If you like your bagel on the chewier side, Apollo Bagels or PopUp Bagels ( get the salt bagel ) are fantastic options. You’ll probably have to wait in a very long line to get a better New York bread when you want it, though. However, these sites are aware of their actions and believe it does pay off. An egg burger on a cheese milk biscuit from Kerber’s Plantation in the West Village will keep you fueled all day if you’re bagel-ed up. L: On my way to work, I take home my frozen coffee and cardamom bun from Smr Bakery. R: Or I’ll pick up a bureka from Breads Bakery. And those caffeine outlets are most likely to double as businesses. In the East Village, prevent by Smør Bakery for Nordic- type cakes and caffeine. The bakery side next door to Smr is ideal for a grab-and-go situation ( two words: cardamom bun ). Not far from here, there’s even Librae Bakery, a Middle Eastern shop with truly fascinating annual flavors, like vegetables artichoke cheese drop danishes, chamomile strawberry scones and poppyseed grapefruit croissant monkey bread. Cakes Bakery is a must-see New York shop that can be found at numerous locations in Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown. Many of our team members have stopped here before job. I prefer to pick up one of their vegetables burekas or a loaf of rye on my way home, and their coffee are my preferred. Our team and Columbia students also enjoy visiting the Hungarian Pastry Shop in Morningside Heights. This community staple, with its reddish- and- whitened striped canopy, has been around since the 1960s. Get the spinach vehicle to go with your strong mug of Hungarian coffee. L: Tom’s Restaurant – seem comfortable? © Anne Czichos / Shutterstock, R: Do n’t skimp on the sides at S&amp, P Lunch © Ann Douglas LottLunch Lunch in Manhattan is so much more than a fast- casual salad chain. In the Flatiron District, drain the mediocre$ 17 dish for a fish melt, chicken filet sandwich or burger from S&amp, P Lunch in Flatiron. With its counter-bar chairs nearly always full, it’s the kind of Jewish-style restaurant you have to wait in line for. Show up at 11: 30am for an early lunch, and you probably wo n’t have a long wait, if any. Or visit Bobwhite Counter in the East Village or Union Square for a grilled chicken sandwich or meat roman cover. For dish kebabs, it has to be Shanghai 21 in Chinatown. And just a few stones ahead, it’s hard to overcome Great NY Noodletown for, yes, pasta dishes, but also Chinese picnic. If you find yourself Uptown, there’s Schaller &amp, Weber on the west side, a Germanic- style restaurant serving up great sandwiches. On the western area, go to Tom’s Restaurant, a 1950s meal known for its numerous celebrities in Seinfeld. Whatever you’d think of as cafeteria food ( and a few things you might not ), they’ve got. L: A dessert at Caffè Panna is usually for the collection, R: The most pleasant cake? Mango froyo from Butterfield Market- Ann Douglas LottSweet treatsMaybe this portion should just be called” Ice Cream” or” Frozen Treats.” The froyo glass outside Butterfield Market on Madison Avenue is best enjoyed on a move in nearby Central Park for an evening pick-me-up. In the summer, opt for the banana taste. Gramercy’s Caffè Panna is on the most wonderful avenue – Irving Place – straight off Gramercy Park. Although the column typically appears for this location from the area, it’s worth the wait. They change their tastes everyday, offering specialty energy, affogatos and gentle serve. Whatever you get, make positive there’s newly whipped panna on top. Do n’t say we did n’t warn you: a small bite at one of these restaurants is likely going to turn into dinner. Alex Hodor-LeeAperitivo I must warn you: if the atmosphere is already excellent, why would you want to go back? Downtown, Bibi Wine Bar in the East Village is tucked away on the most lovely block, so try to snag one of their sidewalk tables to split a bottle of wine, some deviled eggs, or even the meatballs, during happy hour – which does n’t end until 8pm. Unheard of. Demo’s a new person in the West Village, a coffee shop by day and a wine club by night, though its traditional wood and set booths may fool you. With a top-notch menu featuring items like lobster game ( a creamy shrimp fall topped with guanciale and Ritz crackers ), fish collars, and fruit dessert, they take their meals just as seriously as their wines. Grab a classic New York slice from L’Industrie ( left ) or San Matteo ( right )© Ann Douglas LottPizzaYes, pizza gets its own category when we’re talking about New York City. According to the feeling you’re going for, there are three illegal groups of “za.” The first level is the money ( or in this business,$ 5) cut. When all you want is a crunchy, sticky New York cut, you’ll order one of these late at night or as a last-minute takeout dinner. There’s generally no furniture at these places. Our picks: L’Industrie ( they’ve opened a new location in the West Village ) and Scarr’s on the Lower East Side. The second category is informal sit-down pie. In one of these locations, you might find a children’s sports team dinner. They likely have activities. It’s really sports pub- esque. Consider Joe and Pat’s East Village area ( the TriePie! ), San Matteo on the Upper East Side, or Joe and Pat’s Upper East Side. The ultimate tier is the refreshing- ingredient, gourmet Roman slice. We’re certainly drinking wines. There might be item and a cloth. There will be ingredients on the menu you ca n’t pronounce. And there will be mood, like at Little Charli in the West Village. The$ 125-meter-long pie is both pricey and affordable when served in large groups. They also offer excellent fun pie- making classes. Left: New pasta at I Sodi © Serina Patel, Best: JG Melon is a crowd favourite for sandwiches on the Upper East Side © Ann Douglas LottDinner The main event. The great kahuna. Although there is a lot of pressure on when eating out in NYC, stay with one of these places and you’ll be guaranteed a wonderful meal and a wonderful time. JG Melon, which is based in Uptown, is the go-to burger joint that has been around since the 1970s and is best enjoyed with a drink and a aspect of cottage fries. The decor is properly melon-inspired, and the wood-paneled walls and green and white linens have not changed. Or take a short drive northeast to Uva for a comfortable Italian supper. The ricotta chocolate gnocchi is simply delicious. Uva generally accepts stroll- ins, but there’s a girl cafe, Uva Next Door, that generally has the same menu and takes reservations. I Sodi, a go-to Italian restaurant, is known for its fresh pasta dishes like cacio e pepe, lasagna ( perfect for two ), and the light and buttery ravioli burro e salvia. If you do n’t have a reservation, walk in early and get on the waitlist to sit at the bar. Or you could sample the most inventive Middle Eastern cuisine in town at Shukette in Chelsea. Make sure you order the fish in a cage, which is grilled with vegetables and spices and brought to your table in its grilling cage, as well as the herby flatbread roasted with whole garlic cloves. Pig and Khao on the Lower East Side is great for inventive ( and also shareable ) Southeast Asian fare, like brisket dumplings, crispy brussels sprouts and pork belly. Left: Have a seat at the groovy bar at HiLot in the East Village © Rachel Robshaw, Right: Or listen to a live radio set at nearby Hi- Note © Hi- NoteBar” Drinks”. In New York City, it could mean so many things. One casual cocktail could evolve into a whirlwind night of bar- hopping and ( hopefully ) dancing. A martini at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle Hotel should be at the top of your list if all you want to do is drink. The atmosphere is just so perfect: dark leather seats, live jazz, servers in white coats, and a gold leaf ceiling. Very old New York. The murals on the walls are by the artist Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of the Madeline books and the bar’s namesake. Hi- Note is a relatively new “radio bar” in the East Village that features vintage furniture and live radios that you can listen to while sipping one of their amazing espresso martinis. And if rooftop bars are your thing, New York City has plenty. Keep the party going by visiting a DJ bar ( disco balls everywhere )! like Joyface, with its vibey, retro decor and ( appropriately ) playing mostly disco. Make a reservation at this location for their sister bar, HiLot, which has the same retro aesthetic but is better for just drinking. It resembles entering a 1970s living room. Or visit Home Sweet Home on the Lower East Side for a stripped-back, no-fuss dance party that plays a mix of rock and roll throwbacks until 4am. Save the full list