Finland Could Shut Down Entire Border

Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen has suggested that Finland might close not just its eastern border but potentially all entry points if national sovereignty outweighs international obligations.

Finland is committed to treaties guaranteeing the right to international protection, which mandates keeping at least one border-crossing point open for asylum seekers. Rantanen argues that in extreme situations, Finland could close its entire border, stating that no international treaty should be a “suicide pact.”

The Finnish government is prepared to use all available means to address an increase in arrivals at the eastern border, considering options like accepting asylum claims solely at Helsinki Airport. Recent reports indicate a surge in asylum applicants arriving at the border, with suspicions of orchestrated increases. Many arrive without proper documents, attributed partly to a change in Russia’s approach allowing individuals without necessary travel papers to reach the Finnish border.

The Southeast Finland Border Guard District reports daily arrivals of around 50 asylum seekers, a significant rise from previous weeks. Some applicants arrive in small groups, even on bicycles. The Ministry of the Interior is contemplating stricter border measures, with Rantanen suggesting potential restrictions in the coming days, aiming for actions deemed necessary and proportional to the situation.

Effects of Border Shut Down on Finland Tourists

The potential closure of borders or stricter entry measures could impact tourists visiting Finland.

If borders are closed or entry restrictions are heightened, it might affect travel plans, leading to limitations or changes in access to the country for tourists.

It’s essential for travelers to stay updated on any developments in border policies or restrictions before planning a trip to Finland.

SOURCE: Finland Could Shut Down Entire Border