Flag Down A London Cab to Saudi Arabia and WTM

Need a cab Saudi Arabia-style while in London this week? Saudi Tourism is making it possible. The Kingdom is planning a big splash at the upcoming World Travel Market in London.

A massive fleet of London Taxi caps show the colors of the country, where the future is closer: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is Everywhere in London

“Saudi Arabia is everywhere in London. Taxis with the Visit Saudi Logo are everywhere.” This was the first impression by His Excellency Gloria Guevara after she arrived in London today from a just-concluded successful 23rd Global Summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council in Kigali, Rwanda.

Guevara is the special advisor to HE Ahmed bin Aqil al-Khateeb, the creative and powerful minister of tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is a very well-matching impression visitors to the British capital will get this week, regardless of the mass transit use.

At Excel, the London Exhibition Center, the World Travel Market will open its doors to the world on Monday.

Saudi Arabia knows how to make an impression

One thing Saudi Arabia does not know is to make a small impression. When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is participating in an international event, it will always make a big impression.

World Expo 2030 Riyadh Could be the Biggest Impression

When visitors travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they will get a big impression, and if Riyadh is elected to host World EXPO 2030, it will give the biggest impression the world has seen.

Exhibitors, delegates, and visitors from around the globe are getting on planes and trains to London and WTM this weekend.

Where Creativity is Bolder

Among them are 75 influential stakeholders from Saudi Arabia, the world’s fastest-growing tourism destination.

The Saudi transformation for WTM visitors starts at airports or London Hotels when London Taxis turn into Saudi Arabian colors to take visitors to the sights in London, and to Excel to be part of the Saudi Magic, the kingdom will perform at this global gathering.

Where the Future Is Closer

Once at the Saudi stand, travel professionals will get a taste of the vibrant Saudi culture at the interactive Saudi Tourism Authority exhibition stand at the World Travel Market.

They will experience the captivating sounds of traditional Saudi music, indulge themselves in aromatic coffee and delicious Arabian dishes, and explore the charming date carts. Live demonstrations will showcase traditional Saudi crafts like basket weaving and the art of crafting vibrant flower crowns.

KSA had the Biggest ever Exhibition Stand at WTM

The Saudi Tourism Authority’s biggest-ever exhibition stand at any WTM to date promises to be an immersive journey through Saudi hospitality, culture, and tradition, bringing Saudi’s unique and diverse destinations to life for trade.

The Iconic London Taxi Cab

The iconic taxi cabs in London will include a taste of Saudi Arabia. Taxi cabs in London have become synonymous with the bustling streets of the city, offering a unique and authentic way to explore the city. Its distinct design, with its spacious interior and signature black exterior, instantly catches the eye of both locals and tourists alike.

With a history dating back 900 years, the regulated taxi trade in London has evolved into a symbol of professionalism and trustworthiness. The knowledgeable drivers of these taxis have mastered the art of navigation, effortlessly maneuvering through the intricate web of London’s back streets and busy thoroughfares. Whether it’s a leisurely sightseeing tour or a swift journey to a business meeting, a ride in a London black taxi cab is an experience that captures the essence of the vibrant city.

London taxis may not always be black. Since 1982, advertising has been appearing on the sides of cabs and even all over as complete paintwork – and this week Saudi Arabia is the client.

From Kingdom to Shining Kingdom

From Kingdom to Kingdom, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia will be making an impression on the world next week with the World Travel Market poised to be another record travel and tourism event.

SOURCE: Flag Down A London Cab to Saudi Arabia and WTM