Flight Delay in 2020 Costs Ryanair Hefty Fine

The Curia, Hungary‘s Supreme Court, has confirmed the decision of the Budapest Government Office, requiring Irish airline Ryanair to pay a fine of HUF 200 million (EUR 516,377) for consumer protection violations.

This penalty was imposed due to airline’s failure to fulfill its supply and information obligations regarding a flight delay on February 18, 2020, from Budapest to Gran Canaria. The airline was also found to have engaged in unfair commercial practices during this incident.

Ryanair said that the flight involved in the case was delayed for six hours at Liszt Ferenc airport due to refueling.

The Budapest Government Office functions as a consumer protection authority, aiming to safeguard passengers from unfair treatment by airlines. Ryanair has faced similar accusations before, leading to a previous fine of HUF 300 million (EUR 774,422) for consumer deception in April of the previous year.

SOURCE: Flight Delay in 2020 Costs Ryanair Hefty Fine