Fly on ANA Virtually: The Future of Virtual Air Travel Made in Japan

The ANA Gran Whale App allows potential passengers for ANA (All Nippon Airlines) from Japan to sit on their living couch and take a trip experiencing it virtually, followed by shopping Gran Whale Style.

The platform aims to bridge the gap between real and virtual travel experiences and will contribute to regional development by facilitating the sale of local products in cross-border e-commerce.

What is the virtual travel platform ANA GranWhale?

ANA GranWhale is an application empowering users to enjoy a more flexible and comfortable travel experience by recreating diverse travel destinations in a virtual space.

The application consists of two primary services: V-TRIP (virtual travel space) and Sky Mall (shopping space).

Users can collect Gran Chips, exchangeable for ANA miles, further enhancing their ability to engage in both virtual and real-world travel.

V-TRIP (Virtual Travel) – Explore anywhere, anytime!

Accessible via smartphone, the V-TRIP feature allows users to embark on a 360° virtual travel experience to ANA-recommended destinations. From the comfort of their home, passengers can see historical architecture, and panoramic views of each destination are highlighted, accompanied by a unique V-GUIDE, offering insights into the history and trivia of each location.

Virtual Sky Mall

What would a trip be without shopping? Why travel to shop, when it can be done virtually from the ANA Sky Mall using the new Gran Whale app?

Users can navigate virtual stores, mirroring the experience of a physical commercial facility. In addition to the digital items, users can purchase tangible e-commerce products delivered to their doorstep, including exclusive products and content, with exciting events and campaigns scheduled.

The Miles Gacha feature allows users to spin for additional ANA miles, while Gran Chips can be exchanged for digital items and in-app merchandise at the Exchange item. Grand Chips can be earned daily through login bonuses and at the Sky Lobby and Sky Mall.

Convert ANA miles into Virtual V-miles

ANA Mileage Club members can convert ANA miles into V- miles, 1 V-mile = 1 mile, enabling the purchase of avatar fashion items and digital products.

SOURCE: Fly on ANA Virtually: The Future of Virtual Air Travel Made in Japan