Forecast for upcoming vacation trip in Iowa that is close to document

It’s anticipated that Iowans will be on the roads in history or near-record numbers as the Memorial Day weekend draws near. Brian Ortner, with AAA Iowa, says the engine team is forecasting more than 3.6- million people across the Midwest may be traveling 50 miles or more during the extended trip, which is up 136, 000 travellers from last year.
Since AAA began tracking those figures in 2000,” We’re going to see the second-high levels of Memorial Day holiday go,” Ortner says. ” So we go again to 2005 to see numbers this high. The fantastic thing is that since the pandemic, go numbers have increased annually.
Ortner claims that the majority of guests will be driving, and that Iowa’s gas prices are more than a dollar less than they were a year ago.
” Iowa gas prices averaged about$ 3.38 per gallon last year during the Memorial holiday weekend”, Ortner says. ” Today, the gas price average across the state is$ 3.24, so we’re less than we were last year”.
For people on a budget, trips can be expensive projects, with gas being one of the biggest costs, but Ortner says this is welcome news.
” Hopefully, vehicles can be assured to know that they’re going to see related amounts to what they saw next time”, Ortner says. ” They should n’t face too many surprises”.
The average cost for a round-trip home flight, according to AAA, did be$ 778, which is up two percent from last year’s Memorial Day weekend.
( By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City )