France detains journey carrying 303 Indians in connection with allegations of human prostitution.

France took action on Friday, grounding a charter flight carrying 303 Indian passengers from the UAE to Nicaragua over suspected human trafficking concerns, as reported by Reuters.

The Airbus A340 operated by Legend Airlines, carrying Indians, made a technical stopover at Vatry airport in the Marne region of eastern France.

French authorities launched a judicial investigation following an anonymous tip-off suggesting the passengers might be trafficking victims. The special organized crime unit apprehended two individuals for questioning, focusing on passenger conditions and the purpose of their journey.

Minors were among the passengers, and officials speculated they might have intended to enter the US or Canada through Central America illegally.

This aligns with recent trends as Indian illegal immigration into the US has significantly risen, with over 97,000 Indians entering illegally from October 2022 to September the following year.

During the ongoing investigation, French authorities have requested passengers remain in the airport terminal. The Indian embassy in France is actively involved, providing consular access and investigating the situation for the passengers’ well-being.

As stated by the prefect’s office, the airport transformed its reception hall into a temporary area equipped with individual beds for passenger comfort.

The situation remains under investigation as authorities aim to ensure the safety and proper handling of the passengers involved.
SOURCE: France Grounds Flight Carrying 303 Indians Over Human Trafficking Suspicions