French Airports Forced to Cancel Flights

Several French airports throughout will experience flight cancellations on Monday due to a scheduled strike by French air traffic control unions on November 20th.

The DGAC, France’s Civil Aviation Authority, has requested airlines to cancel 25% of flights at Paris-Orly and Toulouse-Blagnac airports due to an ongoing strike action.

Bordeaux-Mérignac and Marseille-Provence airports are also expected to witness a 20% flight cancellation rate, according to reports from French media outlet Franceinfo.

Travelers intending to use these airports should verify their flight status before departing on Monday due to potential disruptions. The air traffic control unions have urged controllers to strike in opposition to a newly approved law by the Assemblée Nationale. This law mandates controllers to declare their strike intentions individually 48 hours in advance.

Currently, air traffic control unions are required to notify strike action five days in advance, but individual workers don’t have to declare their participation, unlike other sector employees, as per Le Figaro. Damien Adam, a member of President Macron’s centrist party, presented the bill to MPs. It passed with 85 votes in favor and 30 against.

Opposition to the bill primarily stemmed from left-leaning MPs who perceived it as a “threat against the right to strike,” as stated by Green Party MP Lisa Belluco.

SOURCE: French Airports Forced to Cancel Flights