German Rail on Strike – Again

A reliable train or air service in Germany has become wishful thinking for the last few years.

Traveling from, to, in, or through Germany is often a gamble. Just in May German Rail staff had announced its longest strike ever.

Tonight Die Bahn (DB) or German Rail is set for another strike. It will be painful when trains in Germany will stop operating Wednesday night at 10.00 pm (22.00) for 20 hours. Trains are scheduled to run again starting at 6.00 pm (18.00) on Thursday evening.

Germany’s GDL train drivers union announced on Tuesday that its members would carry out this 20-hour warning strike amid pay negotiations between the union and the state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB).

The strike is designed to cause major disruptions to Germany’s train services, to regular workers, airport transfers and visitors.

GDL is demanding a salary increase of €555 ($593) per month for employees, on top of a one-off payment of €3,000 to counter biting inflation.

The union is also seeking a reduction in working hours without a loss of pay, from 38 hours to 35 hours.

The rail operator has offered an 11% pay increase but GDL said that DB had made clear it was not willing to discuss the union’s core demands.

SOURCE: German Rail on Strike – Again