German Tourist Stabbed to Death in Paris

In Paris, a person flagged by French authorities as a radical Islamist with mental health issues attacked and killed a German tourist while injuring two others before being arrested by officials.

Two individuals were injured—a 66-year-old British man attacked with a hammer and a 60-year-old Frenchman.

The attack occurred near the Eiffel Tower during a bustling weekend evening while the country was on high alert due to tensions related to other global events.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne expressed defiance against terrorism, affirming, “We will not yield to terrorism,” on social media. President Emmanuel Macron offered condolences to the family of the German killed in the “terrorist attack.” Additionally, French anti-terror prosecutors declared they would lead the investigation.

The assailant was identified by authorities as a radical Islamist undergoing treatment for mental illness. He fatally stabbed a German tourist born in 1999 and attacked others with a knife and a hammer while attempting to flee across the river.

Police cordoned off the bustling area near Bir Hakeim bridge, typically crowded with tourists and locals, which was illuminated by the flashing lights of security forces and emergency services.

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the attacker, born in 1997, is French and has been arrested in connection with murder and attempted murder. Interior Minister Darmanin revealed that the individual had previously received a four-year prison sentence in 2016 for planning an unsuccessful attack.

SOURCE: German Tourist Stabbed to Death in Paris