GoCCL Navigator, Carnival Cruise Line’s award-winning website reservation service, has a number of new features. The enhancements help travel advisors make reservations easier by enabling them to use the resources and resources they need to increase performance and enhance general user experience to assist their revenue and business growth. The platform’s variety of enhancements, in addition to a new design that makes it simpler to search, view, and compare offers, include: Enhanced Offer Details – Fares may be easier to evaluate and compare to other offers thanks to a reduced list of key benefits and excellent printing details. Red tags for special offers will now be highlighted when clients have a specific VIFP offer on a cruising. Ordering accessible staterooms will now be made on GoCCL. web, eliminating an additional step of calling in for the demand. Side-by-Side Offer Comparison – This function may be enhanced to contain price and perks at-a-glance. Desktop and mobile access is available for all changes, wherever and whenever they are desired. Some go officials anticipate the changes being implemented today, with the goal of making the new functions available to everyone by the end of the week. Adolfo Perez, senior vice president of global profits and business branding for Carnival Cruise Line, said,” We deeply value our journey assistant community, whose expertise and passion are a part of our success. “The latest improvements on GoCCL. .com are based solely on advisors ‘ feedback and make it simpler than ever to match clients ‘ needs with the ideal Carnival cruise to deliver exceptional service while saving time by doing it quickly online. ” The new additions to GoCCL. As part of Carnival’s continued commitment to go officials through its Travel Agencies Rock! software. The most recent functions strengthen GoCCL even more. as one of the simplest and most visible ordering equipment in the industry. Go advisors can attend GoCCL to learn more about the most recent features and begin training. org. For help with the new improvements, call Carnival’s eSolutions group at esolutions@carnival. web or visit 800-845-2599.