God Support Us! Kaley Cuoco Described Her Excruciating Travel Day With Baby Tildy.

Do n’t be fooled; taking a trip with kids is not vacationing. Okay, you might be able to find times to unwind after you arrive at your location, but the actual travel time may be excruciating. Our souls go out to Kaley Cuoco, who described one such encounter during a recent trip to the south coast with her 10-month-old child Matilda” Tilddy.”

According to PEOPLE, the Big Bang Theory alumna who shares Tildy with her partner Tom Pelphrey posted on Saturday about her journey to the airport. ” How, after the journey from heaven, did we make it to the west coast in one piece? Cuoco then shared a photo of Tildy holding an adorable comfortable bear in her Minnie Mouse stroller while wearing red shirt and matching trousers.
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Hold on, it’s a wild straight!
On April 12, 2022, West Hollywood, California’s Pacific Design Center will host Briana and Kaley Cuoco for the Los Angeles Season 2 Premiere of the HBO Max Original Series” The Trip Operator.” ( Getty Images/Photo by Amy Sussman )
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It got off to a good start at earliest. Cuoco wrote,” Baby girl danced with aunt @bricuco while she ate all in sight,” and posted a video of Tildy doing the same. After their flight was delayed ( for the first time ), Briana’s companion Brian Logan Dales was seen giving Tildy meals.
Once more, the journey was delayed, and Cuoco and Tildy drank from the drink. She added,” We did some evening consuming,” to a humorous photo that featured Tildy holding the baby bottle of milk and The Flight Attendant star sipping wine.
In another picture, Cuoco is seen sporting a white sweatshirt, matching pants, and her hair bunched in an untidy manner. At the airports, she is seated in a chair with her mother’s arms supporting her as Tildy stands up in front of her. She captioned the photo,” 5 days after girl decided she likes to hang back down God help us.” Stupid child! She appears worn out, and Tildy has really devised an even more wearying method of amusement. Later, when Tildy mastered the art of” smacking daddy in the face several occasions,” she switched it up. Did I mention that it’s the worst to travel with children? !
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In order to reveal this significant news, Jeannie Mai enlisted the assistance of her child Monaco.

On June 1st, 2023, Kaley Cuoco attends the Premiere for Peacock Original’s” Based On A Real Story” at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. ( Getty Images/Mat Winkelmeyer photo )
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They eventually boarded their trip after numerous delays! Cuoco wrote to PEOPLE,” Suddenly make it on the plane.” ” At this point, I’m unsure of my identity and my future self.” She posted a sweet picture of herself holding Tildy in her lap while wearing her purple over-the-ear headphones.
Cuoco was unfortunately let down if she had hoped for rest once they had suddenly boarded the plane. She posted a picture of herself and Tildy dancing on the airplane, saying,” I have no idea what this was or why we were boppin.” ” I hoped she would go to sleep so I had, but nobody ever slept, so we did n’t.”
She continued,” Here’s hoping she gets three straight nights of sleep.” ( Fingers crossed )
Cuoco, however, praised Tildy for how well she handled the flight disruptions and lengthy delay at the airport when the day was over and they had really arrived at their destination. ” All in all, this girl performed marvellously.” I was the mess,” she penned. If anyone is also reading, these times are for surviving, so she was great. A dessert ( or seven ), a kid’s movie, some wine for mom, and, thank goodness, the nicest flight attendants!
Just do what you is to thrive, she continued. And that pretty much sums up mother!
On January 11, 2024, in Culver City, California, Kaley Cuoco will attend the Los Angeles unique verification of Prime’s” Role Play” at the City Theater. CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA- December 11 ( Getty Images/Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer )
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The Role Play star referred to her first year of motherhood as” survival” last month and shared a potentially contentious fact that has benefited her: lots of display time.
” Some people will turn against me for that. She told USA Today,” Do n’t care. At this point, my daughter has seen every Disney film, and she adores it!
She continued by saying that when it comes to caring for your children, all must do what works best for them. Cuoco advised the shop,” My advice is do n’t take any advice because every person is diverse.” Our house is different from yours, and the only thing my child needs is survival. You take action where you can.
She is correct, and even though it might be contentious, we appreciate how she is normalizing the process of finding what works for your home. Cuoco is authentic! When these famous mothers discuss the highs and lows of parenthood, it makes us all feel healthier.