going to Germany? Return of Lufthansa to the Attack

More than 100,000 people will once again have to deal with canceled planes on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Since the attack includes surface services at airports like Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, and Stuttgart, it might have an impact on Lufthansa as well as its associated or Star Alliance companion airlines.
Ver. The support coalition Di has urged the Lufthansa surface personnel to go on strike after more. People were instructed to cease working from 4 a.m. on Tuesday to 7:10 m on Wednesday, according to the union’s announcement.
Michael Niggemann, the chairman of Lufthansa Human Resources, stated that the additional alert strike would once again put an excessive burden on both employees and passengers.
Airports: More Attacks in Germany at Lufthansa
He stated,” This is not the way to fulfill our shared responsibility for our staff, our visitors, and a strong and trustworthy Lufthansa.” The aircraft is reportedly developing a unique journey plan that will be released soon, according to press reports.
In the tax dispute next week, Lufthansa made a better offer. The business claims that it will contribute 10 % more income over the next 12 months. For the 25, 000 Lufthansa people who are on the ground, the coalition is demanding a 12.5 % raise in pay and at least 500 euros per month for an annual name.
The issue of inflation compensation rates and different surcharges is also up for debate. On Wednesday, the parties to the collective bargaining want to carry out their agreements.
As announced in April 2023 that a bargain had been reached and that no one should anticipate any further strikes, the situation is far from resolved with trains, native transportation, and atmosphere services going on strike at random. SOURCE: Traveling to Germany by plane? Lufthansa Returns to Reach BY: eTurboNews |ETN
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