Good Travel Management unveils rebrand and user-centric website

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Good Travel Management (GTM) unveils a rebrand and announces the launch of its intuitive, new website. GTM’s refreshed website emerges as a cornerstone in its client-focused approach, assuring a user-friendly, streamlined experience. The rebrand materialises GTM’s “retailing” approach to business travel into reality, where clients are presented with the ability to curate their journeys via a multitude of content sources.

Backing their bespoke technology with an authentic human touch, GTM emphasises its unique position as a travel management company that genuinely cares about the quality of corporate travel, not just in logistical terms but as an individualised experience. The service provision goes beyond transactional interactions, creating travel stories where care, accuracy, and exceptional service are not just offered but embedded in the journey.

The rebrand also reaffirms GTM’s ongoing commitment to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments whilst offering bespoke travel management solutions. Reaffirming its commitment to ESG principles, the rebrand underlines GTM’s devotion to meaningful social impact, environmental stewardship, and governance.

GTM aligns proudly with the Matthew Good Foundation, who have donated over £1 million over the last ten years to incredible causes. GTM have committed itself to societal betterment as part of initiatives through John Good Group’s “Grants for Good” which has donated more than £450,000 to causes both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, GTM empowers employees to make a difference, providing each member £1,500 annually to donate to a charity of their choice and encouraging them to leverage paid leave for volunteering activities.

Becoming operationally carbon neutral in 2022, GTM champions sustainability not just in words but through tangible actions. Collaborating with partners like Thrust Carbon and Responsible Futures, GTM provides clients with precise CO2 emission reports, facilitating the development of eco-friendly travel policies and encouraging greener business operations. Kevin Harrison, Managing Director of Good Travel Management, says, “Unveiling our rebrand and new website is more than just a fresh look for Good Travel Management; it’s about our commitment to making business travel better for everyone involved. We’re focused on making travel easy for our customers, all whilst ensuring we do our part for the environment and the communities we touch.

“From our support for worthy causes to our efforts in reducing carbon footprints, we’re all in. It’s about blending our expertise with the technology and values the modern traveller needs. At the end of the day, we want our clients to feel confident that they’re travelling smart, sustainably, and with a team that genuinely cares.”



The post Good Travel Management unveils rebrand and user-centric website appeared first on Travel Daily Media.