Government to Impose Overnight Fee in Dong Van Karst Plateau

Authorities in Ha Giang, a northern province of Vietnam, near the China border, will introduce an overnight fee for visitors staying on the Dong Van karst plateau.

Visitors staying at the UNESCO global geopark spanning four districts in Ha Giang, including Dong Van, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, and Quan Ba, will be charged a nightly fee of VND30,000 (about $1.22) for adults and VND15,000 for children.

Starting in 2024, fees for the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark will be implemented, with Hoang Xuan Don, the head of the geopark management, confirming this plan. Ha Giang Province anticipates welcoming 1.8 million visitors and generating approximately VND 48 billion in revenue in the coming year. The collected funds will be allocated towards infrastructure enhancements and conservation initiatives.

The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, covering 2,356 square kilometers and characterized by impressive limestone formations and karst peaks, is a renowned tourist destination in Ha Giang. Visitors can explore iconic spots like the Lung Cu Flag Tower, Dong Van town, and the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Ha Giang is favored by adventurous travelers who embark on a challenging 350-kilometer loop that takes three to five days, depending on weather conditions.

This move to impose tourist fees aligns with a global trend where many tourist destinations are considering such taxes.

Bali plans to impose a 150,000 rupiah (approximately $10) entry fee for all visitors starting next year to protect its culture.

Meanwhile, Spain’s Valencia and Italy’s Venice have also revealed their intentions to introduce tourist taxes for travelers staying in various types of accommodations.

SOURCE: Government to Impose Overnight Fee in Dong Van Karst Plateau