Grand Hyatt Singapore uncovers the country’s hidden gems

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Following the launch of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s “Moments of More” contest on 28 August 2023, a total of 726 international participants shared creative stories of their personal experiences and hidden gems in Singapore. The grand prize winner of one million World of Hyatt points was announced on 31 October 2023, together with wonderful discoveries captured through participants’ lenses that will inspire new guest experiences when the hotel reopens in Q2 2024.

The rewarding campaign unveiled little-known tourist spots, glimpses into authentic Singaporean lifestyles and heartwarming memories that add heartfelt perspectives to Singapore’s appeal as a travel destination.  Through first-person narratives, the entries unlocked a new dimension for locally immersive experiences that will resonate with aspirations of new-generation travellers.

In a theatrical move to kick off Moments of More, a captivating Movie Trailer was produced to inspire participants in their submissions. Garnering almost 190,000 views since its launch, the movie trailer provided tips for intrepid explorers to reveal tips on unusual attractions as well as charming nooks and crannies that are off the beaten path.  A total of 726 entries from Singapore (54.1%), The Philippines (14.7%), Indonesia (11.8%), Australia (5.9%), Malaysia (4%), Hong Kong (3%), U.S.A. (1.8%), and India (1%) was submitted when the contest closed on 29 September 2023.

During the selection process, Grand Hyatt Singapore gleaned unexpected insights about this City in Nature and useful ideas on locally immersive experiences. 58% of entries comprised creative content on local recreational activities that reflected the quintessential Singaporean way of life and under-rated spots with rich historical significance; 38% shared ways to recharge in nature as wellness proved to be a popular theme, while 4% covered the theme on sustainability. All five finalists were unanimously chosen for their unique perspectives of Singapore with remarkable originality and creativity that beautifully illustrated Singapore’s hidden gems.

Following two weeks of public voting from 16 October 2023, a total of 3,518 votes were received from 1,759 voters. Mr. Joseph Tng from Singapore emerged as the grand prize winner for his unique showcase of life in a public housing estate within the heartlands of Singapore that basked beyond the shimmering skyline of Orchard Road.

Joseph’s storytelling led to the discovery of rooftop picnics at Skyville, Dawson, a void deck art gallery featuring famous pop artists at 8 Holland Drive, as well as authentic home dining experiences run by passionate chefs in their housing development board (HDB) homes.  He added that all of these experiences are easily accessible with the convenient public transportation network available across the island.

Moments of More literally revealed more gems than expected, from unknown tourist attractions to long-forgotten stories about Singapore’s past.  Both local and international travellers will be amazed by numerous revelations across the Lion City that are not featured in typical travel guidebooks.

One of the interesting entries uncovered a new heritage site – the historical NUS Baba House. Built around 1895, this ancestral home of a Peranakan Chinese family features a distinctively intricate blue façade that beckons visitors for a guided tour of the beautifully restored interiors of a genuine Straits Chinese home.  Others include the 164-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens, the first and only tropical botanic garden listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List located on the fringe of Orchard Road; treasure troves in Fort Canning, one of the oldest parks in Singapore that is home to 17 Heritage Trees protected by National Parks; as well as Kampong Lorong Buangkok, the last surviving “kampong” on the island that withstood the test of time.

Special mentions were entries that pulled the heartstrings, such as Sajeev Digital Photo Studio, where weathered portraits of migrant workers adorn the studio’s walls. These portraits formed an eclectic mosaic of untold stories and glimpses of characters who shaped modern Singapore.

“Moments of More was created to uncover hidden gems and genuine local experiences beyond the beaten paths of Singapore. Our team was pleasantly surprised by the immense creativity and passion of the participants, who alerted us to fascinating insights that even Singaporeans may not know about. Their choice of storytelling methods, through a poem, song compositions, and tip-offs, are perfectly aligned with our campaign objective,” said Charis Choi, Regional Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Southeast Asia, Hyatt.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants and voters for their time and effort. The team at Grand Hyatt Singapore will distill invaluable insights from Moments of More to curate immersive experiences that encapsulate the essence of life in Singapore,” she added.

Moments of More is Grand Hyatt Singapore’s marketing strategy leading up to its phased reopening following a multi-year transformation. Slated to reopen in Q2 2024, the reimagined hotel will feature 699 guestrooms and suites, theatrical gourmet and lifestyle concepts as well as a Grand Living Room and Wellness Haven in the Orchard Road area, hosted by a team of trusted associates.

Judging criteria for the finalists were based on the creativity and aesthetics of the following themes: local recreational activities, ways to recharge in nature, and sustainable activities (40%); the originality of the story (50%), as well as public appeal (10%). The grand prize winner of one million World of Hyatt points can look forward to enriching experiences worldwide from gourmet indulgences to luxurious spa treatments at participating outlets plus up to 200 standard room nights in Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide that include the redemption of suite upgrades subject to availability.

“It is an honour to win the Moments of More contest. I am very grateful to my family and friends who not only voted but also shared their input for improving my submission. The competition was intense because there were many stunning entries and I’m humbled by the professionalism of some content, especially from my fellow finalists. I look forward to enjoying my one million World of Hyatt points with amazing stays at Grand Hyatt Singapore and other beautiful Hyatt hotels around the world,” said Joseph Tng, grand prize winner of Moments of More.

The four finalists will receive a two-night stay retreat and a room-credit in-house experience of SGD 600 when the transformed Grand Hyatt Singapore reopens next year.

The post Grand Hyatt Singapore uncovers the country’s hidden gems appeared first on Brand TD.